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The world of professional wrestling is one of a long history.  A history that dates back to the nineteenth century in which it was showcased at carnivals and in music halls.

The sport has roots from all around the world including countries such as Japan, Mexico, Canada and most prominently the United States. It is now being described amongst most social circles as sports entertainment, a phrase used by the generic social news world to describe the combination of sport and acting.

In the years since the sport left the sideshow acts of the carnival scene and first graced the television screens of a worldwide audience numerous gimmicks, characters, storylines and plots have arisen. Some grew to insurmountable popularity, while others did not gain the necessary momentum to succeed.

Some gimmicks were doomed from the beginning, while others flourished due to their unique nature.

Today I will discuss quite possibly one of the most unique individuals to ever grace the world of professional wrestling. That individual goes by the name of MsChif and I recently had the privilege of conducting an interview with the unique one.

Little is known about MsChif prior to her wrestling debut on July 19th 2001 for Gateway Championship Wrestling.

When asked about her little known past prior to her wrestling debut she responded with the following:

“I suppose no one has asked…”

What is known is that her name is Rachel, a college graduate as a genetics scientist, who works at a microbiology laboratory in the United States when she is not in the wrestling ring. She trained at GCW under Johnny Greenpeace & Jack Adonis developing one of the most unique wrestling gimmicks ever. A green-haired, green mist spitting banshee with vocal chords that hit octaves high enough to damage ear drums.  Combine those characteristics with athletic ability & wrestling prowess sound enough to damage bodies and MsChif was born.

I asked MsChif how she developed the MsChif gimmick and why she thinks it is so over:

“The persona wasn’t planned; it just came out from my 1st match on. You could call it a combo of my love for horror movies and Black Metal music. I couldn’t tell you what’s in the fans heads for why they like it. Perhaps because it’s something so different than everyone else.”

What was training under Johnny Greenpeace & Jack Adonis like?

“I learned a great deal about the basic foundation of wrestling moves and how to move around the ring. While Jack was a great guy to learn from, he was the comic relief. Greenpeace was more tough on everyone who trained there. I had seen many people come and go who just couldn’t handle it. Honestly, I couldn’t have asked for better trainers. Both were great guys to learn from.”

Does MsChif or has MsChif ever had a particular style of wrestling?

“Style? What style? I throw in a bit of everything. Signature moves and finishers just get too lengthy to describe. Buy the DVD’s!”

As stated above MsChif made her in-ring wrestling debut on July 19th 2001 at GCW’s Hillsboro Havoc event, where she was successful in defeating Christine.

Was MsChif nervous about her first in-ring performance?

“I was real nervous at first, though calmed after the match began. Sure it went fine, nothing real memorable about it though.”

MsChif gained prominence in GCW in numerous matches against male wrestlers, as well as going on an undefeated streak and partnering with oddball and current Ring of Honor mainstay Delirious to form Diabolic Khaos. Diabolic Khaos would frequently feud with Daizee Haze & Matt Sydal, more commonly known as Evan Bourne of the current WWE brand. The tag team combination of Diabolic Khaos became part of Nikki Strychnine’s Ministry of Hate in 2002 helping him retain his GCW Championship in an Exploding Barb Wire match. Strychnine would assist MsChif in numerous matches with her nemesis Haze, until February of 2003, when the two would be forced into a tag team match with Haze & Johnny Greenpeace in which a stipulation agreed upon stated that whoever made the pin fall, including MsChif, would become GCW Champion. As any wrestler vying for their first title would do, MsChif ignored her alliance with Strychnine, refusing to tag in the champion hoping to make the pin fall for herself. Her strategy eventually collapsed leading to a double pinning combination with MsChif & Strychnine pinning both Haze & Greenpeace. Strychnine pinned Haze as the pair was legal and retained his championship.

The pairing of Strychnine and MsChif would end the next day at Desoto when Jack Adonis would hit MsChif with a chair during a title match with Strychnine. MsChif would slap Strychnine, forcing a pin from Adonis, who walked away with the title. MsChif attacked Strychnine after the match, thus ending her reign in the Ministry of Hate. The two would feud, with Strychnine taking on the new identity of Nikodemus Ravendark, with the feud ending in MsChif’s favour at GCW’s third anniversary show. Ravendark would go absent from GCW leaving MsChif to challenge for the GCW Light Heavyweight Championship on numerous occasions, eventually winning the strap in a three way dance involving Makaze & former Ministry of Hate companion OuTtKaSt. MsChif would be a fighting champion defending the belt regularly which included an epic two out of three falls match against Sydal.With Greenpeace and Haze still enemies MsChif would also mentor the tag team combination of Nightbreed (Jackal & Cabal) and use them to wage war on Greenpeace & Haze.

In July of 2003, Strychnine would make his return to GCW and immediately set his focus on MsChif. Having feelings for the screamer in the past, but having his heart broken he would compete at first with Delirious to get to MsChif using the GCW Championship as bait. He would retain his championship over Delirious and demand a belt versus belt match with MsChif at Challenge of Champions III, which she gladly accepted. During the contest MsChif mocked Strychnine’s former feelings for her hugging him, making it all seem well. The hug turned into a slap and the match continued with Strychnine putting MsChif through the announcer’s table with a crucifix powerbomb. He followed that up with a tombstone pile driver to win both belts. The feud was well reviewed in the wrestling world and would be voted GCW’s feud of the year, with MsChif placing third for best wrestler honours.

MsChif would wrestle her last match for GCW at Judgement Night in 2004 in a three stages of hell three way match with OuTtKaSt and Shawn Almighty, winning the ladder match portion of the match. She officially left the company in 2005, before making a few return appearances for the company in 2006. I asked MsChif about her time with GCW and if she missed any of her former GCW wrestling gang:

“Gateway was a hell of a promotion during the time I wrestled for them. We really had a lot of great talent there. For those people would know we had Delirious, Matt Sydal and Daizee Haze. Pretty much the entire roster were really great to work with. I do miss many of the people. I miss tagging with Delirious. Some of my most memorable matches came from feuding with Matt, Billy McNeil, Ryan Ash and Jack Adonis. The four of them were a group which Delirious and I were often involved in matches with. I could really go on and on about more of the talent I faced off with in GCW, but that would take awhile.”

One of MsChif’s most prominent feuds in GCW would stick with her throughout most of her wrestling career. Daizee Haze, the fun-loving hippie herself would irritate MsChif on numerous occasions throughout her career. The first notable feud between the two, outside of GCW, would come in 2004 when the two would fight for the Independent Wrestling Association Mid-South of the National Wrestling Alliance. MsChif lost her January debut match, but picked up a victory in her next singles match with Haze, who retaliated by teaming up with tough girl Mickie Knuckles to defeat MsChif and wrestling veteran Allison Danger at Simply The Best V. MsChif was successful against her rival Haze and partner Knuckles in a three way dance at the annual King of the Deathmatch event which led to a series of wins raising her status in the wrestling world.

In October,  she challenged accomplished wrestler Mercedes Martinez for the NWA Midwest Championship twice, losing both contests. An angered MsChif would interfere in a future match involving Martinez against Knuckles causing a double count out, which infuriated the challenging Knuckles. The two would feud for the better course of a year in matches ranging from submission matches to first blood matches and a three way dance in the famous ECW Arena. The ECW Arena contest was the first title defense for MsChif of the NWA Midwest/IWA Mid-South Title, which she had won from Haze in the NWA Midwest. Unfortunately for her the title defense was unsuccessful as Knuckles picked up the victory, taking the belt. The match involved controversy outside of the ring. NWA Midwest promoter Ed Chuman vetoed the title change claiming the match was sanctioned only by IWA:Mid-South. Ian Rotten asserted Knuckles’s right to the title which led to the belt being split and MsChif reigning solely as the NWA Midwest Champion. After a successful title defense with NWA Midwest, the two champions were placed in a unification match that ended in a double disqualification, leaving the belts split.

In September, MsChif’s longtime rival Haze began to irritate MsChif once again challenging for her title. Haze would come up short. However, at the NWA 57th Annual Convention, Haze tried to prove herself worthy of the belt once again when she teamed alongside TJ Dalton, picking up a victory over Diabolic Khaos in a mixed tag match. After the loss, MsChif was forced to put her belt on the line in a match where Diabolic Khaos teamed up again in a winner takes all tag team steel cage match with Delirious’ NWA Midwest X Division Championship also on the line. The match was won by Haze and partner Matt Sydal as they would walk away with their respective championships. I asked MsChif about her relationship with rival Daizee Haze:

“Haze is definitely my longest running rival as well as ally. She’s absolutely amazing. An excellent wrestler I was able to come up in the business along side of.”

As well as the prominent feuds with both Daizee Haze & Mickie Knuckles MsChif is also known for one of my all-time favorite feuds in Shimmer Wrestling with Cheerleader Melissa. In November of 2005, MsChif was invited to take part in the debut show of Shimmer Women Athletes, an all female wrestling promotion designed to give women a platform for showcasing their in ring ability. Shimmer has been home to prestigious female wrestlers such as Beth Phoenix, Mercedes Martinez, Sara Del Ray and more. In her debut match for Shimmer, MsChif defeated Cheerleader Melissa, instantly making herself an enemy. After a loss to Lexie Fyfe, thanks to interference from Melissa, at Shimmer volume three the two combatants met for the second time in Shimmer’s first hardcore match at volume four. The falls count anywhere match became an instant classic as the two fought into the streets of Berwyn, Illinois in front of a dazzled crowd. The match would go onto critical wrestling acclaim and in my eyes can only be described as one of the most brutal and fantastic matches ever put on in the new millennium. I asked MsChif why she thought the feud with Cheerleader Melissa worked so well and why this match was so well reviewed:

“Probably because we went out there to beat the living hell out of one another and kept coming back for more. People tend to like the brutality.”

Some match highlights would include MsChif being bent so far over that she was forced to kick herself in the head through a steel chair which Melissa placed on her spine. Where did MsChif develop this kind of flexibility? She simply replied:


The two would battle each other numerous times for Shimmer in the future, even having their paths cross as a tag team combination for quite some time when they put their differences aside, but that tag team would disintegrate when MsChif would win the coveted prize of Shimmer Championship pinning Sara Del Ray at Shimmer volume eighteen.

MsChif would hold the Shimmer Championship for two years after successful defenses of the belt against admirable foes such as Sara Del Ray, Rain, Mercedes Martinez & handing the impressive Amazing Kong her first ever Shimmer loss before finally losing the strap to Australian wrestler Madison Eagles in an upset victory at Shimmer volume thirty one this past April.

MsChif is also notable for her impressive reign as NWA World Women’s Champion successfully wrestling Christie Ricci to win her first world title on January 27th 2007. While MsChif had been gunning for the title, her nemesis Mickie Knuckles had lost the NWA Midwest Championship to Josie in the first week of the year, a belt which MsChif still desired. At an NWA Midwest event in March, both Josie and MsChif agreed to a crown versus crown match where both titles were on the line with the special guest referee being Knuckles. Knuckles was not an impartial referee fighting with both wrestlers during the match. After refusing to count pin falls for both individuals at different points in the match, Josie declared herself the winner after MsChif was down for a ten count and grabbed the belt. A tug of war ensued between her and referee Knuckles until she let go of the belt, causing it to smack into Josie’s face stunning her enough for MsChif to use her finishing maneuver, the Desecrator, to win the match. Afterward, Knuckles claimed MsChif owed her for the win, which MsChif replied to with her green mist. The green mist is a trademark of MsChif, once used by the legendary Japanese sensation The Great Muta.

MsChif would become the first woman to hold both the NWA Midwest and World Championship at the same time. MsChif held her World Championship until May when she was involved in another champion versus champion match, losing to AWA Japan Champion Amazing Kong with both belts on the line. A rematch between the two took place in September, exclusively for the NWA belt, which headlined the NWA No Limits 3rd Anniversary Show, but MsChif failed to win back her world championship. Kong continued to defend the belt until she signed with TNA Wrestling, who had severed ties with the NWA. Therefore, the decision was made to pass the belt back to MsChif. She successfully defended it the following month in a match against Cheerleader Melissa.

The following year, MsChif defended the World Championship at NWA Charlotte’s Valentine’s Day themed inaugural show, Thorns & Roses, in the main event of the evening. With current TNA Knockout Daffney in her corner, MsChif once again wrestled Kong and saved herself from the Awesome Bomb by using her green mist, disqualifying herself to retain the belt in the process. Amazing/Awesome Kong can be described as one of the most dominating women to ever grace professional wrestling, I asked if MsChif agreed and what is it like in the ring with her:

“Absolutely. Being in the ring with her is being up against a powerful force. Along with her power is also great agility. She’s a rare form and absolutely Awesome…”

What did it feel like to win the prestigious NWA Women’s Champion? Did you feel any pressure holding the title?

“Fantastic, as it still does. I wouldn’t really say I felt pressure along with it though. I was ready to go anywhere, to wrestle anyone they felt fit to give a title match to.”

I also asked her about her two long title reigns as Shimmer and NWA Women’s Champion and why she thought long title reigns were important in the wrestling business:

“Long reigns are important because it shows the titles mean something. It brings a lot more emotion to the fans when their watching title defenses and just wonder who will it finally be to beat the champ?”

MsChif has also appeared for promotions such as San Francisco based ChickFight, London, England based promotion Real Quality Wrestling and even took part in Japan’s Wrestle Expo in 2006. I asked her what was it like to wrestle in England & Japan and if she ever plans on returning to wrestle internationally:

“Both were an excellent experience. I wouldn’t deny wrestling internationally again, just depends on how the cards play out.”

She also has one notable appearance for TNA in a losing effort to long time rival Daizee Haze for a taped episode of for TNA: Explosion. The microbiologist continues to wrestle, while working at her lab in the day, I asked MsChif why she chose the field of microbiology:

“I didn’t. You could say it chose me. I had been in Genetics for many years before Microbiology. The time came for a switch and Microbiology was there to pull me in. It’s definitely enjoyable. I love doing the research. It’s one of those careers that keep things different all the time. I never fall into monotony. There’s always something new and interesting going on.”

With microbiology on the go as well as a stacked wrestling future featuring Dynamo Pro on June 26th in Glen Carbon, Illinois, Anarchy Championship Wrestling on June 27th in Live Oak, Texas, a NWA World Women’s Title defense against Sassie Stephie on July 17th in Michigan and Shimmer volumes 33-36 in early September what’s next for MsChif?

“How about a Chif cartoon? That could be fun.”

I would like to thank MsChif for her time in conducting this interview and for being an absolute delight to speak with.

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