DVAS Win Opener and CN Power Dominates Main Event

Last night Saturday February 26th 2011 marked the first double header bout of the Toronto Roller Derby (ToRD) season and it also served as the season debut for the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad (DVAS) and CN Power of ToRD. Similar to the ToRD season opener featuring the Gore Gore Rollergirls and the Death Track Dolls, the city of Toronto was graced with a major downpour of snow that made travel to The Hangar a daunting task. However, the weather did not stop roller derby fans from making the trip to Downsview Park to witness the live action, as the arena reached maximum capacity quickly and the energy was outstanding amongst the crowd.

Opening the night were the DVAS who represent the farm team for ToRD. The lethal ladies of ToRD who own the slogan “We Draw First Blood” were matched up against competition from the Sister Slag of Nickel City Roller Derby (NCRD) out of Sudbury, Ontario. The DVAS certainly drew first blood and kept the onslaught going throughout the bout.

The two teams were very well matched, but from the initial whistle the DVAS held the lead and never gave it up throughout the bout. Laya Beaton, formerly known as Titney, a second year member of the DVAS, was on fire from both the jamming line as well as at the pivot position laying some hard hits on her competition, while scoring a lot of points for her team.

The DVAS looked fresh throughout the entire bout as bench managers Lunchbox and Raunchy Hextall used a large rotation of players at the jammer position which included hellbat, Krash, Keri Daway, Scrappy Skinz & even team captain Skinned-Knee Crosby on one occasion. Crosby spent the majority of the bout in the pack laying hits into Nickel City along with her co-captain Tammunition and blocker Renny Rumble, who was impressive.

The Sister Slag did possess a very quick team and certainly have the talent to make a mark in the Ontario derby scene as time goes on, but it was clear that the DVAS owned the pack from a strategic viewpoint. They used their exceptional jamming game to take the early lead and held it until the end of the bout, skating away victorious by a score of 71-38.

The bout was the perfect way to open up the evening as fans now had that initial derby fix that would carryover into the main event which was tabbed as a good one coming in.

The hometown CN Power, a team who was trying to find its identity in 2010, made the decision to set a permanent 20 player roster after experimenting with a rotating roster last year. The decision to do so was in accordance with its recent Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA) apprenticeship, but also because the same “team” would show up to compete in every bout. Coming into the bout many fans of the team were convinced the idea was a good one, but no one could have anticipated how well it would work.

CN Power absolutely dominated a tough opponent from the state of Michigan, the Killamazoo Derby Darlins. The wheels were in motion from the get go and the team looked rock solid from every aspect. The bench was running as smooth as silk behind the guidance of Sonic Doom and The Rev.Ramirez and the players responded to the plethora of cheers from their hometown crowd. Every player on the track was contributing and the team did a wonderful job of staying out of the penalty box, which can certainly be a downfall for teams when they become frustrated. No one player stood out more then another because the team was one solid unit, a sustained swam or pink working together like they have never worked before.

After a hot start where CN Power scored 27 unanswered points against their opponents they kept the pressure on the Derby Darlins right on through to half time in which they led by a remarkable score of 110-11. Big hits, high point totals and excellent strategy led the team to an excellent first half and they did not let up as the second half whistle blew. CN Power remained aggressive and it was more of the same as in the first half. The ladies in pink frustrated Killamazoo and despite losing Mega Mouth aka Mega Bouche to an ejection the team remained tough and fought their way to an unbelievable 193-35 victory.

The bout was an impressive first showing for CN Power and the crowd was ready to blow the roof off the building as the team skated their victory lap into the winner’s circle.

If the ladies representing Toronto can remain together as they did on Saturday evening the other teams in WFTDA better watch out because Toronto could be ready to make their names known in the sport of roller derby on a national level.

The next ToRD bout is scheduled for Saturday March 12th 2011 as the focus turns back to the league teams. The sassy sailor ladies in green known as Chicks Ahoy! will take on the Smoke City Betties as the two teams are scheduled to play their first Toronto bouts of the season. Doors open at 6:30pm EST and tickets are available at the ToRD website.

See you all trackside!

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