Gores End Betties Season and Continue Winning Streak

Last Saturday May 14th, The Hangar complex at Downsview Park was a buzz with excitement as the Smoke City Betties and their loyal fans packed the arena in anticipation of an upset win over the undefeated Gore-Gore Rollergirls.

The Gores of the Toronto Roller Derby (ToRD) league had won eleven straight home league contests coming into last Saturday’s bout against the winless Betties and despite a valiant effort from the Betties the Gores’ winning streak continued.
After a very entertaining pre-bout from the Toronto Junior Roller Derby (TJRD) league’s Knicker Kickers against New Hampshire’s Mad Missfits the main event was set to take place.

Coming into the contest rumours swirled that the Gores were going to play out of the box, showcasing some new looks on the track in their final regular season bout. They did not disappoint in showing the fans a few new looks; using a variety of new jammers, giving a ton of playing time to their rookies and even having jammers step into blocker positions.

Off the first whistle the ladies in leopard print went with some prototypical line-ups featuring Dust Bunny & Bambi from the jammer line and Lady Gag-Ya, Molly Boom, Hurlin’ Wall and Brim Stone in the pack, but it seemed that was just to build enough of a lead so that they could show off their new looks.

The Gores quickly sent out rookie Lulu Cthulhu to jam and that would end up being a role she would play for the majority of the bout. Lulu, an impressive rookie with an abundance of talent only got better as the contest went on and was having her best bout of the season until she received a huge elbow to the jaw from Betties blocker Pretty Peeved which sidelined her.

Pinky Violence, a second year skater, stepped to the jammer line for the Gores and showed that with the more playing time she received the better she got. She stood toe-to-toe with top jammers in the league and held her own in the role. The future for Pinky is a bright one.

Co-captain Brim Stone, who was successful in a jammer role in the 2011 season opener against the Death Track Dolls also jumped into jamming and easily had the best overall game of any jammer, scoring numerous points for her team, while securing lead jammer status on almost every opportunity she had.

The combination of those three and elite pack control where rookies Wheely Nasty and Emma Dilemma saw the most action of their derby careers as members of the Gores were main factors in the Gores 130-59 victory.

Although the score may resemble one of dominance, that was not the case in this bout.

Once again, the Betties showed improvement as a team; similar to their bout against the Dolls earlier in the season. The Betties were feisty in the pack throwing heavy hits while using strategy that surprised some fans in attendance. Pack players Pretty Peeved, Hot Roller and Lady Scorcher were on their games while the squad used a deep jammer rotation of Memphis Kitty, titmouse, Sail Her Poon and Bruiseberry Pie to tally points. Bruisey established herself as a triple threat in this contest as she scored numerous points for her team while also going head-to-head with Hurlin’ Wall and attacking the Gores jammers in the pack.

The Betties played their most outstanding bout of the season and with skaters such as Misery Mae, Grim Avenger and Platinum Bomb leaps and bounds ahead of where they were skill wise at the beginning of the season, this is a team which is going in the right direction.

The sacrifice of consecutive winless seasons will surely be worth the disappointment when this team shows what they are really made of and next year could be that year. The pieces and talent are there and it is up to the Betties to see what they can do with it all.

With the win the Gores automatically move to the championship final where they will defend their title against either Chicks Ahoy! or the Death Track Dolls.

Speaking of the Chicks and Dolls the two teams are set to clash with one another in the final regular season bout of the 2011 ToRD season. The event will take place Saturday May 28th 2011 at The Hangar. Come witness one of ToRD’s great match-ups as this will be the third time these two teams have locked horns this season; both owning a victory over the other.

Information and tickets to the event are available at the ToRD website.

See you all trackside!

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