Toronto Hosts Quad City Chaos This Weekend

The Toronto Roller Derby League (ToRD) returns this coming weekend to once again host the Quad City Chaos tournament, which will feature some of the best roller derby teams from Canada.
This year’s event will feature Toronto’s CN Power, Kitchener’s Tri-City Thunder, Montreal’s New Skids on the Block and Ottawa’s Rideau Valley Vixens.

The two day event was a huge success last season with Montreal dominating their competition over the exciting weekend of roller derby action. Crowds of enthusiastic fans came out in abundance to witness firsthand some of the best teams and skaters that Canada has to offer and they will once again bare witness to the event.

Montreal comes into the tournament as the heavy favourite to go undefeated as they have quickly moved up the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA) rankings this season. They earned victories against the Boston Massacre, Rat-City All-Stars, Jet City Bombers, New Hampshire’s Skate Free or Die and took on, but lost to, one of the toughest teams in North America in Olympia, Washington’s Cosa Nostra Donnas, winners of the 2009 WFTDA championship and 2010 runners-up. Montreal is currently ranked seventh by WFTDA in the East division and are the number one ranked team in Canada according to

Kitchener’s Tri-City Thunder is a team that should not be underestimated as they are recent recipients of WFTDA status in the association’s North Central division. Tri-City made their 2011 debut last night in Rockford, Illinois taking on the Rockford Rage and skated away victorious by a score of 196-28. The score differential was quite a point spread for the team’s first bout of the season, which means they have been training hard and could be a force to be reckoned with at the Quad City Chaos tournament.

Ottawa, like Toronto’s CN Power, are an apprentice league of WFTDA working towards earning their full status. The ladies of the Rideau Valley may be the tournament underdogs in some people’s opinions, but are not to go unnoticed as the team possesses players with skating experience against players from the other three participating teams. The Vixens are a hard-hitting team that can trap with the best of them and they may surprise most of the fans in attendance as they are certainly set to make a name for themselves at Quad City.

Lastly, the home town CN Power will obviously be the fan favourites at The Hangar complex in Downsview Park and expectations for the team are high after their most recent and scintillating 197-35 victory over the Killamazoo Derby Darlins, a member of WFTDA. Toronto looked outstanding in the victory, playing better than most fans in the city have ever seen them play. The team roster is finally cemented with the same 20 player roster participating all season long, which means the squad knows exactly how to strategize coming into every bout, as opposed to years past where they based their roster solely on player availability come game day. This in turn led to miscommunication as well as being unprepared as a team; certainly this could have led to the team’s losing streak to end the 2010 season. However, this weekend looks bright for CN Power and they have the talent and know-how to compete with the competition coming their way at Quad City. It’s time to see if CN Power can cement themselves as one of the top teams in Canada this weekend.

For fans in attendance unfamiliar with some of the teams and skaters coming to town the team rosters are below:

Toronto (CN Power)
Aston Martini (510hp)
Audrey Hellborn (1134)
Betty Bomber (23)
Brim Stone (21:8) (C)
Candy Crossbones (2020)
Dolly Destructo (0I)
Defecaitlin (2)
Dyna Hurtcha (21)
Hurlin Wall (89)
Jubilee (27)
Lady Gag-Ya (212db)
Lady Scorcher (15) (C)
Land Shark (13)
Mega Mouth (26)
Molly Boom (18)
Nasher the Smasher (2×4)
Rebel Rock-it (7)
Sail Her Poon (090w)
Tara Part (L7)
Titmouse (1337)
Sonic Doom (Bench Manager)
The Rev Ramirez (Bench Manager)

Montreal (New Skids on the Block)
Beater Pan-Tease (1-976)
Bone Machine (11:11)
Cheese Grater (289)
Ewan Wotarmy (7734)
Georgia W Tush (400z)
Iron Wench (516)
Jess Bandit (-8)
Lady J (86)
Lil Mama (1/2 Pint)
Lyn Dah Kicks (75)
Mange Moi El Cul (PIE IX)
Nameless Whorror (202)
No Holds Bard (2×4)
Rae Volver (.38 Cal)
Smack Daddy (3X)
Trash N’ Smash (1,8L)
The Rev (Coach)
Charlotte Bruise-A-Lot (Bench Manager)

Kitchener (Tri-City Thunder)
Bareleigh Legal (18) (C)
Sin-e-star (306) (C)
Suzy Slam (33)
Motorhead Molly (204)
Stacie Jones (101)
Lippy Wrongstockings (19)
Kitty Krasher (3)
Anita Martini (9)
Gunmoll Mindy (over80)
Cellblock Bettie (5oh)
Greta Garbage (956)
Lilith No Fair (37) (C)
Jill Standing (4i)
Skate Pastor (10.0)
Freudian Whip (22)
Nicki-9-doors (909) (Bench Coach)

Ottawa (Rideau Valley Vixens)
ASSASSINista (AK-47)
Big Block (454)
Blackout Susan (13)
Dee Dee Tee (74)
Drunky Brewster (3 cubed)
Killer Kozak (86)
Margaret Choke (16)
N.ToxicKate (44)
Ripper A. Part (888)
Screaming Meanie Massacre (77)
Semi Precious (10kt) (co-captain)
Sister Disaster (30)
Slavic Slayer (187)
Soul Rekker (55) (co-captain)
Surgical Strike (6:58)
tinymurders (73-1)

The amount of talented skaters from Canada coming to Toronto this weekend is in abundance which will make for one outstanding weekend of roller derby action. It is highly recommended that if you love roller derby you come on out to The Hangar this weekend for two days of the best bouts you may see this season.

The Quad City Chaos tournament is a two day event beginning Saturday March 26th and ending Sunday March 27th. The scheduled bouts are as follows:

1:00pm…. Doors Open
2:20pm…. Toronto vs. Rideau Valley
4:40pm…. Rideau Valley vs. Tri-City
7:00pm…. Montreal vs. Toronto

1:00pm…. Doors Open
2:00pm…. Rideau Valley vs. Montreal
4:20pm…. Toronto vs. Tri-City

Tickets packages for both days, as well as single day tickets, are available at the ToRD website.

See you all trackside!

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