Match-Up Between Betties and Dolls an Important One

Last Saturday April 9th 2011, one of the most exhilarating roller derby bouts of Toronto Roller Derby (ToRD) history took place as the Gore Gore Rollergirls had their wills and consecutive winning streak of ten games put to the test by their rival Chicks Ahoy!. The Gores barely escaped with the win in an exhaustingly tough bout and the defending champions remain undefeated at 2-0, while the Chicks moved to 1-1 on the season.

This Saturday marks an important date for the other two teams of ToRD, the Smoke City Betties and the Death Track Dolls. The winner of the bout could cement themselves as a playoff team, while the losing team may watch as their chances at the championship boot disappear. This season ToRD made the change to the playoff structure with the team finishing in last place during the regular season missing out on the playoffs. With the way both the Gores and Chicks have been playing this season tomorrow’s bout may determine who gets that final playoff spot.

Both teams got off to a tough start to begin the 2011 season. The Dolls were given the daunting task of opening the season against the Gores in February and while the Dolls played a courageous bout, the team did not have the jammer depth or strategical know how to defeat the ladies in leopard print falling 107-43.

The Betties, in the midst of a ton of changes on the roster, as well as on the bench, went into their season debut against the Chicks Ahoy! on a high note after defeating the Riot Squad in Ottawa, but the textbook play from a well-trained Chicks team brought the Betties down several notches as they were dominated 131-22.

That brings us to Saturday, where the two teams will now square off in what should be an entertaining bout with a ton on the line.
The Dolls will look to Land Shark to jam the majority of the bout, with captain Betty Bomber taking the star as well. The big question is if the Dolls will go with the two jammer rotation similar to opening day or rotate in a third jammer to take some of the pressure off Sharkey and Bomber. The duo played well in the season opener, but looked tired at times having played so much. With Audrey Hellborn out for the season the hope is that rookies Santilly in Yo Face or Kat Atak may be able to succeed in this role. The Dolls could also turn to veteran Demolition Dawn, who has experience with the star or even hand it to Jubilee, although her pack presence would certainly be missed.

In the pack the Dolls play an aggressive style of play which can keep their opponents on edge. Monichrome, Dolly Parts’Em, Lucid Lou and Seka Destroy have battled in many ToRD bouts, giving the Dolls that touch of veteran experience. SlamWow is making a successful transition over to a blocking role. Add in tough cookies such as Bonky Kong, Downright Dirty Dawson, Panty Hoser and Sue Saint Marie and the Dolls certainly are not a team to be underestimated. A few players that could be of interest on the Dolls are Speedin Hawking, Night Ryder, Spee Dee Ramone and Sinead O’ Clobber. Hawking is coming off a fine rookie campaign and is developing into a serious pack presence, while Ryder and Ramone are unknown to the fans of ToRD, having not played this season. Old school fans will remember Ramone who is making a return to ToRD after an extended period of time off. She is a giant on her skates and an intimidating presence in the pack. Night Ryder was a standout in the Fresh Meat class she was drafted from, giving the Dolls incentive to draft her. The talent is there and the hope is that her talent can transition from practice and scrimmages to a live game scenario. Clobber is quickly proving that she is destined to be a future superstar at the pivot position. She took the stripe at the opener and held her own better then some expected. She has the intelligence, talent and great all-around make-up as a player to heavily contribute at that position for years to come.

The Betties are playing a 2011 season that resembles 2010. The team has a lot of new faces and a ton of talent, but will everyone click when it counts most?

The team will turn to a jamming core of veteran Memphis Kitty, rookie Rug Burn and CN Power representative titmouse, with Tropic Thunder and Platinum Bomb also possessing jamming ability. The depth of jammers on the Betties can be a positive, as well as a negative, as it leaves them fresh from a scoring perspective, but the pack could be left playing overtime against a tough Dolls team. Mia Culprit, Sin D Drop Her and Misery Mae are standouts in the pack, given their ability to communicate with other members of their team, while captains Hot Roller and Pretty Peeved look to showcase their abilities from a leadership standpoint. Sail-Her Poon and Lady Scorcher bring a ton of strategical intelligence to the team, while Bruiseberry Pie delivers the big hits and Mouth of the South brings her positional blocking game to the squad. With the Betties possessing so much talent the possibility of overtaking the Dolls is a reasonable expectation for the team and it may in fact be a surprise player such as P Doddy, Diva Zapata, Genuine Risk, Grim Avenger or Lacy Brawler who give the Betties that added edge that is needed to walk away victorious.

The two squads are both hungry for the win and the clash on the flat track should be an amazing bout to witness. You can expect a hard played bout with all of the skaters pushing their opponents to the edge. Will the Dolls repeat their performance against the Betties from 2010 where they earned a 213-53 win? Or will the Betties come together using that unlimited talent to skate away victorious?

The answer to those questions will come tomorrow as the bout kicks off at The Hangar in Downsview Park. Doors to the event open at 6:30pm EST with the bout beginning at 7:30pm EST.

Tickets are available at the ToRD website along with more details.

See you all trackside!

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