Gores and Betties to Close Out Their Regular Seasons

The four teams of the Toronto Roller Derby (ToRD) league participated in the annual Montreal roller derby tournament known as Beast of the East a couple of weeks ago; impressing the derby world with second, third and fourth place finishes from three of their teams the Gore Gore Rollergirls, Death Track Dolls and Chicks Ahoy! respectively.

After some time to rest up, heal bumps and bruises and get in more practice time the Gores and Betties are ready to turn their attention back to the Toronto home season this Saturday May 14th at The Hangar at Downsview Park.

The Gores have secured themselves a clear path to the championship final with season wins over both the Dolls and Chicks, while the Betties were statistically eliminated from the playoffs after a loss to the Dolls in April. That means that this Saturday’s bout between the two teams is being played for pride.

Despite two losses at the Beast of the East to the Vicious Dishes from Tri-City and in the championship final to Ottawa’s Slaughter Daughters the Gores are still riding an eleven game ToRD winning streak and would certainly like to keep their illustrious streak alive. The Betties, who went two losses and out at the Beast, want to play the role of spoiler against the Gores after another tough ToRD season which could potentially see them finish without a win.

You can expect the Gores to rest some of their veteran skaters for the playoffs while showcasing some of their rookie talent such as Wheely Nasty, Lulu Cthulhu and Emma Dilemma, but it is highly unlikely to see them stay away from using prominent jammers Bambi and Dust Bunny or pack players such as Brim Stone, Molly Boom and Lady Gag-Ya. You may see the agile Hurlin’ Wall take a seat in this one as the team looks to keep her fresh for the playoffs, so the Gores could look to the improving Aston Martini or sophomore Chronic to lay some punishment on the Betties in the pack.

The 2011 version of the Betties have been the “martini shaker” of ToRD teams. The team shook up its roster and coaching staff at the beginning of the season drafting several new players and adding three new coaches. This led them to a victory over Ottawa’s Riot Squad in a February exhibition contest, but nothing has gone as planned since. After Chicks Ahoy! dominated the Betties in March the team’s coaching staff was once again overhauled. 2010 bench manager Quickdraw returned alongside skater Wolverina and a cameo appearance from former Betties’ skater Slaughter Lauder to take the bench reigns for the team during the Dolls bout. The move worked well as the bench looked more relaxed and focussed. This attitude carried onto the track as the Betties played their best bout of the season against the Dolls; albeit in losing fashion. The ladies in blue and black hope to ride that success from their last ToRD home game into this contest with the Gores and hopefully shock the defending champions.

To do this the Betties need pack players Mia Culprit and Bruiseberry Pie to play the fierce style of derby they are known for and hope that promising rookie Misery Mae and standout Sin D Drop Her have big games in the pack. Memphis Kitty, titmouse and rookie Rug Burn will need to keep up with the Gores jammers if the Betties hope to stand a chance and the team will need to fire on all cylinders if they hope to achieve victory against the ladies of leopard print.

The bout should be an unpredictable one as the Gores and Betties battle it out on the flat track for the Toronto area audience. One thing that can be expected is that the night will be a fun one full of thrills, spills and beer-a-mids. The bout is scheduled to take place at 7:30pm EST.

If you are coming for the Gores/Betties bout it is recommended that you arrive at the arena for 6:00pm; that way you can catch the first-ever Toronto Junior Roller Derby (TJRD) bout!

TJRD is the sister league of ToRD where skaters under the age of 19 can learn the fundamentals of the sport to get them ready to become the derby girls of the future. The league works hard in training and will certainly have a ton of strategy to showcase to fans as a warm-up bout to the Gores and Betties. There is no contact during TJRD bouts, but the strategy, jamming and positional blocking used in your standard derby bout is all the same. TJRD’s team known as the Knicker Kickers will be playing against The Mad Missfits from New Hampshire. There is no extra cost to see this bout so arrive early to check it out.

Doors to the event open at 5:30pm EST and information on purchasing tickets ca be found on the ToRD website.

See you all trackside!

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