Artist Spotlight: Drew Photography

Capturing a wonderful moment and embedding it in time through the use of a photo is a long-lived and customary way of reliving memories. People remember moments all the time, but usually after finding a special photo that moment is enhanced. You remember a different part of the moment only shown in the photo. Perhaps it was a kiss, but you can’t remember if the sun was shining or if the clouds were grey. Perhaps it was a moment from your childhood, but you have no recollection of what cheesy outdated cartoon character was portrayed on your t-shirt. Nevertheless, photos capture these moments and the special photographers behind the lenses of cameras use their creative and artistic eyes to enhance these memories as much as possible.

Dale Hache, a new kid on the block in the photography scene, has recently opened up Drew Photography, with the hope that he too can capture these special moments. The 29-year old native of Sutton, Ontario was born and raised in Toronto. He is a delightful individual with a cheery personality, infectious laugh and a larger than life smile. His all-around good nature could be an explanation as to why people are so comfortable in coming to him to capture their special moments. His eye for detail and creative intelligence is certainly portrayed in his work, so the combination of his artistic talent and positive attitude towards his clients should become a recipe for success with his new found endeavour.

I recently sat down with the photog to discuss Drew Photography, his ambition towards becoming a photographer, his love of cars and his upcoming launch party for his new business.

While the website of Drew Photography is under construction, access to Hache’s work can be viewed via a facebook company page. The tagline for the company, “Capturing the moments that take your breath away” is exactly what Hache hopes to do with his photography skills. I asked him when he became interested in the art of photography, “More or less since I could get my hands on a camera. As soon as I could see what I could capture with the camera I was really hooked and interested (in the field).”

Drew Photography. Photo courtesy of Drew Photography.

Drew Photography. Photo courtesy of Drew Photography.

The idea of becoming a full-fledged photographer began as a hobby for Hache, but with the support of his girlfriend Tereasa, family, friends and colleagues, as well as some positive feedback from other photographers he decided to start up his own business. This sparked his idea for Drew Photography. Why the name Drew Photography? “Simple really. Andrew is my middle name,” chuckled Hache.

Hache goes on to note some of the services he will offer at Drew Photography, which includes: personal shoots, large parties and weddings. But, the specialty services is where he will go above and beyond most photography services as he offers a whole new level of photography called HDR (high dynamic range). Hache specializes in this for a variety of shots from scenic nature shots to custom car shoots. He also adds that, “He can customize work to add text or other none photo shot images to photos using Adobe Photoshop and other photography ‘tweaking’ programs to capture the exact look and feel the customer desires.” Drew Photography will also offer onsite printing of customs shots up to 11×17 for those “gotta have it now” customers. And why would a customer choose Drew Photography over any other photographer? Hache explains, “Well the bottom line brings me to a great saying, ‘pictures speak louder then words.’ People view my photography from weddings to car shows to family shots and love the work, they hear about it from their friends, plus the very welcoming and fun experience I bring to a photography shoot keeps people coming back and in turn they refer me to others.”

Hache’s specialty of using HDR comes from his all-around fascination with the style of shooting. He has spent countless hours perfecting the technique, but is it his favourite part of photography? “Originally I started out loving HDR photography. Now don’t get me wrong I still love it, but as I see more and more of people’s shots I’m really getting into the macro shots with flowers and also doing family portraits. This is something I want to do (more often).”

Drew Photography. Photo courtesy of Drew Photography.

Drew Photography. Photo courtesy of Drew Photography.

Artists always seem to develop inspiration from the work of others in their field. Did Hache admire someone prior to becoming a full-fledged photographer? Does he have a favourite photographer that he tries to learn from? “One local Ontario photographer by the name of Eric Wheeler is an inspiration. His shots capture amazing quality and really motivate me to get out into this world and shoot!”

In studying the kind of photography Hache was interested in on his facebook page prior to this interview I noticed a wide assortment of car shoots. Was it coincidence that he had numerous pictures of sleek looking automobiles or is he secretly a “gear-head”? Hache smiles, “Yeah, I started out doing auto photography and branched out from there. Yes, I am a gear head.” Every “gear-head” has a favourite car, what’s his? “I can’t say one specific car, make or model, but if I had a choice of a car it would be a car not even stated for North America. It’s an Australian car that is supposed to be coming out in the next year. I will simplify this for you. It is basically a two-door Pontiac GTO (if Pontiac was still around) as opposed to the four-door, which we do have here in North America. I could find you a picture if you like?”

Drew Photography. Photo courtesy of Drew Photography.

Drew Photography. Photo courtesy of Drew Photography.

Hache goes onto note that he could not run Drew Photography without his supportive girlfriend and co-worker Tereasa, “Without her this surely would have never become what it is becoming today. She handles customers and promoting while I handle the photos. She is an asset to this company and to me of course.”

The level-headed combo seem set to take on the photography business, but before they completely take it by storm they have set-up a studio launch party scheduled to take place on Sunday August 28th. I asked Hache about the launch event, “We are having the opening at our apartment in Toronto to make it a much warmer gathering rather then (have it in) a loud bar or restaurant. We will be viewing the latest Drew Photography photo shoot and favourites from previous shoots on the big screen. Tereasa and I will be cooking something up for everyone that will be sure to make the mouth water… just not on the pictures please.”

If all goes well for Hache with Drew Photography he plans on expanding his horizons with the venture. He will adapt with technology and the new photography gadgets that hit the market and in five years he hopes that with positive feedback from clients he will continue to capture the perfect moments for his customers, while continuing to use his work ethic and quality of his photos to develop a steady streamline of new and returning clients.

Hache concluded the interview by asking to thank the following people: his girlfriend Tereasa (all this wouldn’t be possible without your help. I love you.) And all of his customers and friends (for loving the work that he does).

The future is bright for Hache and Drew Photography and I wish him nothing but the best with his art. Keep up the good work!

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