Team Ireland Roster

The All Ireland roller derby team has announced their roster for the World Cup of roller derby in December.

The Irish have submitted the following roster:

Agony AnnT (Dublin Rollergirls)
Bad Faith (London Rollergirls)
B.A (Dublin Rollergirls)
Belle for Leather (Dublin Rollergirls)
ChemiKill Hazard (Glasgow Rollergirls)
Coco Pox (Glasgow Rollergirls)
Crow Jane (Cork City Firebirds)
Holly Sheet (Dolly Rockit Rollers)
Jessica Mooney (Kernow Rollers)
Jessica Rammit (Dublin Rollergirls)
Kitty Cadaver (Dublin Rollergirls)
Lil’ Edee (Dublin Rollergirls)
Peppy Nephrine (Dublin Rollergirls)
Phantom Jemerald (Cork City Firebirds)
Roisin Roulette (Birmingham Blitz Dames)
Rush’n Barron (Cork City Firebirds)
Sinister Mary Clarence (London Rollergirls)
Tina Gutt-Her and Jamm (Dublin Rollergirls)
Wile E. Peyote (Rat City Rollergirls)
Zola Blood (Dublin Rollergirls)

Coaching staff

Head Coach – Violent Bob
Assistant Coach – Jessica Mooney
Team Manager – Dirty Knees Lou-Eez

For information about All-Ireland roller derby you can visit the team’s website.

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