Team New Zealand Training Squad

Team New Zealand announced that they have assembled a training squad of skaters from which a final World Cup team will be formed in October.

The following skaters form the training squad:

Axl-Slash-R (Northland Nightmares)
Bad Jelly the Bitch (Pirate City Rollers)
Big Mack (Pirate City Rollers)
Black Panther (Dead End Derby)
Blocktimus Prime (Dead End Derby)
Boom Shakalaka (Hellmilton Roller Ghouls)
Chick Cheney (Pirate City Rollers)
Evil K’Neevil (Dead End Derby)
Hurricane Hori (Pirate City Rollers)
JustAss for All (Swamp City Roller Rats)
Lawless Mess (Dead End Derby)
Miss Chevus Mynx (Dead End Derby)
Miss Metal Militia (Hellmilton Roller Ghouls)
Pentakill (Pirate City Rollers)
Perky Nah Nah (Wellington)
Poison Petal (Hellmilton Roller Ghouls)
Poison Pixie (Mount Militia Derby Crew)
Skate the Muss (Pirate City Rollers)
Solid Sarge (Northland Nightmares)
Terror Satana (Pirate City Rollers)
Tuff Bikkies (Richter City Roller Derby)

Coaching Staff

Pieces of Hate (Pirate City Rollers) – Coach
Fia Fasi Oe? (Pirate City Rollers) – Assistant Coach
Elle Qaeda (Pirate City Rollers) – Manager

For information about Team New Zealand check out their website.

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