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CN Power Runs Rampant in Kalamazoo

It was on June 1st of this year that Toronto Roller Derby (ToRD) was officially welcomed into the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA) as a full-fledged member league. The member status was a huge step forward for ToRD, as they will now showcase their derby skills on a worldwide and professional level against some of the toughest competition they have ever faced.

This past Saturday, ToRD played their first bout as a member of WFTDA; a rematch against the Killamazoo Derby Darlins in Kalamazoo, Michigan. The two teams competed at The Hangar in Toronto last February with CN Power skating away victorious 197-38.

This time around CN Power skated onto the Derby Darlins home turf at Wings Stadium, faced a hostile Kalamazoo crowd, was challenged with a floor surface they were unaccustomed to, and played a new roster of 20 skaters. Would CN Power dominate a tough Killamazoo team similar to the way they did in February? Would these new factors make a difference in the winner of the bout? What would the outcome of this bout be?

The evening began with a warm-up bout between the Killamazoo Killa Crew and the Glass City Rollers of Toledo, Ohio. The bout was an entertaining tune-up that featured a bundle of penalties which saw RocKickAss ejected for seven trips to the penalty box, a great jamming game from Glass City’s Pamazon, impressive pack work from the Killa Crew’s Sno Bunny and huge hits courtesy of the crew’s Anita Tuf Mother. The Killa Crew held the lead in the bout from the opening whistle to the last second and walked away victorious 134-86.

After the initial bout the arena went silent, aside from a small cheering section of Toronto fans, as CN Power skated through their introductions. It was apparent early on that the Kalamazoo fans were loyal and were only in attendance to see their Derby Darlins win. The lights shut off and the hockey arena lit up with a spotlight as the booming voice of the PA announcer introduced the hometown skaters. The atmosphere was reminiscent of a professional hockey game and the fans loved it.

Despite the outstanding production value of the Derby Darlins intro and the lack of fan support, CN Power did not look intimidated. The ladies in pink and silver took the track and did what they do best. They showed any disbelievers that they belong in WFTDA and earned their membership status by dominating Killamazoo once again. From the beginning of the bout to the final whistle the Power had the advantage from the jammer line, executed strategy and handled the huge hits that the Derby Darlins attempted to land.

The first half of the bout was frantic and could be described as sloppy from both squads. Penalties were handed out frequently, with almost every player going to the box, but it was the constant major penalties on Killamazoo jammers that gave Toronto the opportunity to gain a substantial lead.

Defecaitlin was on her game and scored the majority of the team’s points, while Bambi and Dyna Hurtcha rounded out the impressive jammer threesome. Rosie Ferocious, Aly-Kate Contusions and Sparkills attempted to match the CN Power jammers for the Derby Darlins, while Javelin, Terrorhawk and Trouble Chicken battled in the pack with Toronto’s Nasher the Smasher, Mega Mouth and Jubilee. CN Power headed to the locker room with a 119-45 lead at halftime, although the bout seemed much closer then the scoreboard indicated.

Both squads came out of halftime with an added degree of focus etched into their eyes. The two benches were fixated on each other prior to the first jam of the second half. It showed that the teams were not ready to take their opponents lightly.

The second half was a brutal display of hard-hitting derby action. Huge hits from both squads created flying bodies and loud thuds while the intensity of the bout increased to a whole new level. These teams wanted that win and were willing to lay it all on the line to get it.

Tara Part, Rebel Rock-It and Brim Stone had excellent overall games and showcased their veteran skills in the second half against tough cookies Badass Maggie and Ms B Haven from Killamazoo. Panty Hoser returned to CN Power, joining pack players Betty Bomber, Lady Scorcher, Lady Gag-Ya and Aston Martini to round out the Power’s roster depth, which could have arguably been described as the difference in this bout. Every line the Power sent out was in sync and worked as well as the line before them. It was almost as if the skater depth was unfair and the Derby Darlins had no answer for their visiting opponents.

Despite a courageous effort from Killamazoo, CN Power dismantled their competition once again, winning the bout 220-76. The effort put forward by the Derby Darlins should not be overlooked. Some of the biggest, bone crunching hits in the bout came courtesy of the Darlins and surely CN Power walked away with bruises and war wounds courtesy of their neighbours in Michigan that they will always feel and remember.

In a post-bout ceremony Defecaitlin was named the best jammer for Toronto, while Mega Mouth took home the best blocker prize for her team. Aly-Kate Contusions was picked as the best jammer for Killamazoo and Javelin was given best blocker.

The win is a great beginning to CN Power’s WFTDA member status and they will look to continue their winning ways on September 10th in ToRD’s new roller derby home known as The Bunker.

After an opening bout featuring the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad (DVAS) of ToRD against Guelph’s Royal City Rollergirls, CN Power will take on Montreal Roller Derby’s Sexpos. Ticket and bout information is available on ToRD’s website.

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