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Team Scotland Roster

Team Scotland has selected a roster of 20 skaters, as well as four alternates for the World Cup of roller derby. The Scottish roster consists of the following skaters: Alma Geddon Armed Bandit Betty Gogo Blazin Phoenix Bronx Betty Ciderella Clinically Wasted Crazy Legs Dangermouth Fight cub Lily Lethal Marla Mayhem Marshall Lawless Minnie Riot […]

Team Finland Roster

Team Finland has announced it’s roster for the World Cup of roller derby in December. The following skaters will represent the blue and white: Bloody-HO-Mary (Tampere Rollin’ Ho’s) Chrissee Rascal (Helsinki Roller Derby) Doris Dee (Helsinki Roller Derby) Juicy Butther (Dirty River Roller Girls) Kati Kyyrö (Helsinki Roller Derby) Kata Strofi (Helsinki Roller Derby) KC […]

Team Germany’s Current Roster

  Team Germany is currently building their roster and it has not yet reached the maximum 20 skater limit. As of today Germany’s World Cup roster is the following: BamBule (Berlin Bombshells) Elli Minate (Stuttgart Valley Rollergirlz) Headhunter (Stuttgart Valley Rollergirlz) Heavy Miss Gale (Harbor Girls, Hamburg) Heavy Rotation (Berlin Bombshells) Kiddo (Berlin Bombshells) Kitty […]

Team New Zealand Training Squad

Team New Zealand announced that they have assembled a training squad of skaters from which a final World Cup team will be formed in October. The following skaters form the training squad: Axl-Slash-R (Northland Nightmares) Bad Jelly the Bitch (Pirate City Rollers) Big Mack (Pirate City Rollers) Black Panther (Dead End Derby) Blocktimus Prime (Dead […]

Team Ireland Roster

The All Ireland roller derby team has announced their roster for the World Cup of roller derby in December. The Irish have submitted the following roster: Agony AnnT (Dublin Rollergirls) Bad Faith (London Rollergirls) B.A (Dublin Rollergirls) Belle for Leather (Dublin Rollergirls) ChemiKill Hazard (Glasgow Rollergirls) Coco Pox (Glasgow Rollergirls) Crow Jane (Cork City Firebirds) […]

Team England Announces World Cup Roster

Canada and the USA have announced their rosters for the World Cup of roller derby in December. Let’s take a look at the roster recently announced by Team England. Dee-Mise (Rainy City Rollergirls) el VISIOUS (Hellfire Harlots) Feral Fairy (Rainy City Rollergirls) Fox Sake (London Rollergirls) Frightning Bolt (London Rollergirls) Grievous Bodily Charm (London Rollergirls) […]

USA Announces 28 Skater World Cup Roster

Team USA has announced its roster for the World Cup of roller derby, set to take place in Toronto, Ontario, Canada from December 1st – 4th. The US have chosen 28 skaters as opposed to the normal 20 skater roster maximum. The unorthodox method of picking a 28 skater roster is not a tactic used […]