SpitFist Tears the Roof off Sneaky Dee’s

Toronto punk rock band SpitFist is four badass, hard-edged women, who don’t give a crap about anything you say. Comprised of vocalist Stacey McCool, guitarist and vocalist Dee Prescott, bass player Alicia Bernard and drummer Caitlin Watson, the foursome brought their edgy, punk style to Sneaky Dee’s at the corner of College and Bathurst for their “Thanks for Nothing” 7” record release event on August 25th. The event also featured bands such as Greys, The Get Nuns, Kosmograd and Maker, who all brought their “A-games” for their own adoring fans, but this party was all about SpitFist.

MizRebelRecords sat down with the band prior to their performance at the event and got to know the ladies. Everything from how the band was formed, to the origin of their curious band name, and more.

The origin of SpitFist isn’t a complex one, but it’s still not your standard coming together story either. The band was initially created when McCool hired Prescott while she was working at Steve’s Music store in the downtown core on Queen Street West. Prescott hired Watson and Bernard then joined. McCool explained “Me and Dee jammed for a while with other people then we started doing this as a place to drink on Fridays, we rented an hourly space, because they had all the gear there, we didn’t have any gear, just a couple of guitars. We would go drink, improv and party with friends. Then one of us agreed to play a show and we came up with a name and (realized) oh, this is real.”

The name SpitFist definitely helps the band standout amongst others. Where did they come up with such an interesting and humorous band name? Bernard points out that “The name was a hardcore band name Dee always wanted to have and she thought it was a funny name and then when we had to do that show, it was just like, okay we have to play a show now so we’ll call ourselves SpitFist and it just ended up being that and we played more shows and everybody likes it.” Watson’s take on the band and the name, “It’s just a big joke. I used to call us an improv comedy band because we used to just get drunk and say this is hilarious, let’s write a song about it.” McCool agrees, “Our band just started as an inside joke and it sort of never ended. Hey, let’s write a song about Terry Fox’s legs, it’s all it was, us drinking, one of us would puke every night, black out, walk home.” Watson jumps in, “But now we’re super serious!” as she and the rest of the band smile and have a laugh.

As fans of the group drunkenly socialize outside the venue while the interview takes place, SpitFist make sure to acknowledge their party animal fan base. They go on to let me know about everything that went into the release party; from the planning of the event to the last minute scramble to have the record ready for sale at the show. “Well it (the event) was kind of a cluster-fuck at first, we didn’t even have the records ready so it was like, let’s hope the records come before (the event starts). We planned on having them for this day and we prayed, ‘Records come now’ and they did, we got them this morning, so thank god!” explained an excited Bernard. McCool and Watson both explained the last minute arrival of the records for the show “We assembled the records here half an hour ago” said Watson, while a relieved McCool added “We folded them here and Dee hand numbered them here, I heard we got them at 2 this afternoon and I was like, yes, and felt a giant relief.”

Despite the frustration of the last minute arrival of the records, Bernard remained positive about the show, “Other then that all the bands that are playing are awesome, all of our friends bands, we love them and we’re really excited because it’s the kind of show we’d love to see too, we would totally go to it, its really fun.”

Watson went onto explain that the release party would feature all the music from the record, “We’re playing all the songs, our 7” has four songs on it and we’ll play all four of them and a bunch of other stuff we have written over the past little while.” After Bernard listed the song “Tonight” as one of the bands favourite songs from the record, McCool made sure to explain that the song “Was one of the first songs we wrote, it’s one of the old songs of ours we still like to play. There are a couple of them that have been re-written, but there’s a couple we completely abandoned. Its one of the only ones that has always been with us, we used to close with it.” Watson agreed with McCool about “Tonight,” “Totally one of our oldest songs, classic SpitFist!”

As well as the “Thanks for Nothing” record SpitFist has created the “Sweaty Already EP” and the “I Don’t Give A Fuck” single which they gave away to the first 50 people who entered the release party. I asked them about the single and the free giveaway which McCool answered, “That song sort of came out of a joke too, I don’t know, that song is really just about not giving a fuck about anything, doing whatever you want. It’s a party song.”

The ladies had a busy night of promoting, selling merchandise and a show to get to, so we closed out the interview with some of their final thoughts about the night, as well as their shout-outs, “We’re super glad there are people here, especially this early. I’m surprised and happy about that. I love Maker, who played already and Kosmogard is so awesome, all of the bands are just so good. Just glad there are lots of people here and its going to be really fun,” said an energetic Bernard. McCool seemed very pleased with the beginning to the event. “We’re really glad there are people here tonight. That’s just the thing, we want to have fun, we want people to come and drink a lot tonight, to party with us and that seems to be happening so far.” Watson added, “Its sweet. We each got to pick a band and it’s our ultimate favourite show. It should be fun.” As for shout-outs the band wanted to shout-out “The Black Hoods, all the bands that were playing, thanks for being awesome bands from Toronto, to all of the people who ride on their bicycles with their merchandise to get it to the jams, or to those who walk a fridge eighteen city blocks just to get to a show.”

After the four opening bands rocked the foundations of the second level of Sneaky Dee’s in front of a sweaty and enthusiastic crowd, it was time for the main event.

The ladies of SpitFist earned instant attention from the crowd as McCool and Prescott’s unbelievable vocal work combined with the band’s killer sound to deliver the goods. They absolutely destroyed a hometown crowd by delivering a “smack you in the face”, “like us or get out of here” performance which had the crowd literally turned upside down. Moshers flew through the air and feet touched the Sneaky Dee’s ceiling as the electric music of the ladies invaded the ears and brains of their fans.

A set list which included tunes from the 7” such as “Coming for Me”, “City Roads”, “Straight Edge Boy” and “Tonight” were accompanied by classic and adored SpitFist favourites such as “I Don’t Give a Fuck”, “H.E.R.P.E.E.S”, “Baby Bird” and “Bring a Gun to Work Day.” The SpitFist pandemonium spread across the entire bar as fans screamed song lyrics along with the foursome. The atmosphere was incredible and they delivered the performance of the night.

The set was an excellent way to conclude an impressive night of punk rock as fans left the venue with ear-to-ear grins.

Hats off to SpitFist on the release event, the brand new “Thanks for Nothing” record and for being one kick ass band of women showcasing their own style of wicked punk rock music. The band may have begun as an inside joke, but if they continue to rock shows like they did this evening the last thing they should be considered is a joke.

You can listen to SpitFist and find out when they are coming to a town near you by checking out their website, Myspace (http://www.myspace.com/spitfistspitfistspitfist), Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/spitfist ), YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/spitfistbandtv) and Twitter (http://twitter.com/#!/wearespitfist).

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