Team France Roster

With the French announcing their World Cup of roller derby roster, all teams participating in the tournament have given the world a peak at the teams that will represent their nations in Toronto this December.

The French roster consists of:

Bambu Sengoku (Roller Derby Toulouse)
Bestia Loca (Roller Derby Toulouse)
Belle Zebuth (Les Petites Morts de Bordeaux)
Bone E. Vicious (Paris Rollergirls)
Bloody Vuitton (Paris Rollergirls)
Butch Shan (Paris Rollergirls)
Cash Pitashe (Roller Derby Toulouse)
Chakk Attack (Roller Derby Toulouse)
Cherry LieLie (Paris Rollergirls)
Dual Hitizen (D.C. Rollergirls)
Emi Wild (Les Petites Morts de Bordeaux)
Karla Karcher (Les Petites Morts de Bordeaux)
Katy Fury (Paris Rollergirls)
Kozmic Bruise (Paris Rollergirls)
Frenchy Pants (Montreal Roller Derby)
Joan Jet 27 (Paris Rollergirls)
Maggie Yo Teen (Roller Derby Toulouse)
Meryl Strip-Her (Paris Rollergirls)
Truck Off Pooky (Paris Rollergirls)
Whisky Mamy (Paris Rollergirls)


Router Girl (Pioneer Valley Roller Derby)
Feroce Satine (Roller Derby Toulose)
Hell Alaniak (Les Petits Morts de Bordeaux)
L’ascleuse (Roller Derby Toulouse)
Dee I. Why (Roller Derby Metz Club)

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