The Darcys

Toronto based quartet The Darcys is comprised of Jason Couse, Wes Marskell, Dave Hurlow and Michael le Riche. The group, self-described as a post-soul and shoe gaze band inspired by Steely Dan and compared to Radiohead, recently made their self-titled album available on their website ( for free to the public.

The release comes after a tumultuous past which almost saw the band break up and former vocalist Kirby Best quit the group. The foursome has now put it all back together and delivered an exceptional album of hits.

The album is the first of three full-lengths planned for release on Arts & Crafts and features ten tracks. It was produced by Murray Lightburn of The Dears, mixed by Dave Schiffman who has notably worked with System of a Down, Weezer and Rage Against the Machine and mastered by Howie Weinberg.

The Darcys” is a well-produced album of eclectic sounds combined with soft, yet powerful vocals that is an inspiration to its listeners. Diverse musical styling, from down-tempo instrumental work to vocals packed with outstanding range really gives this album depth.

From “100 Mile House” to “When I am New Again” the album’s broad range of emotions expressed both vocally and instrumentally give the music a certain edge, an edge that makes for a pleasurable listening experience.

You are immediately drawn to the voice of Couse. His voice projects a certain delicacy, while still having the ability to expand into powerful emotion. The voice not only fits with the music, but gives the group’s overall feel more intensity.

Smooth guitar rifts, calculated drumming, surprisingly interesting and well-played organ work and almost effortless bass playing combine to show the band’s technical prowess as a musically gifted group of artists.

Standout songs such as “Shaking Down the Bones” and “The Mountains Make Way” are fresh and original. Listen to these tunes and you will realize that The Darcys’ syncopated efficiency as a band will leave you wanting more. They not only play well, but they deliver a message with every spoken word.

“Shaking Down the Bones” delivers powerful thoughts and emotions that really creates an impact on the album.

“The Mountains Make Way” gives the feeling of music echoing through the wind in the distance; spanning out to reach the ears of audiences so far away.

“Glasnost” also stands out as a memorable song on the album and could remind you of riding a bike on a breezy autumn afternoon as orange leaves of the season gracefully swirl through the wind.

Overall, “The Darcys” showcases the intricate and spectacular music ambition and talent of this Canadian group; characteristics that should hopefully push them to the forefront of the country’s top performers.

Capturing the exact mood they are trying to project through their songs is a valuable asset of the band, which should help them in their future success as a group.

The Darcys” is a winner, so head on over to the band’s website and download your free copy now.

**The Darcys will be performing songs from their self-titled album live at their release event on Friday November 18th at the Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto. The event begins at 9:00 p.m.**

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