1977 – So is the Sea EP

1977, a band from Port Credit of the Greater Toronto area, features singer/songwriter Julie Kendall, guitarist Brent Hough, drummer Jordan Bruce and bassist Owen Marchildon. Kendall’s sister Sarah Harris also lends her voice to the band.

Kendall, the inspiration behind 1977, first entered the music scene as a keyboard player with Bellevue in 2005. She left the band in 2007 to pursue her own album.

If the band name 1977 sounds familiar it may be due to their 2010 self-titled debut album. The record earned a Juno nomination and instantly put them on the music map.

After a successful debut, music fans have been waiting in anticipation for the group’s sophomore record “Seaforth,” which is due for release in the spring of 2012. To quench the musical thirsts of fans awaiting the upcoming release, 1977 has released a five track EP titled “So is the Sea.” The digital release features five tracks from “Seaforth,” and will give fans a taste of things to come.

The “Seaforth” album was recorded in the spring of 2011 in a barn above the workshop of Kendall’s father in Port Credit and pays homage to the house and barn she grew up in, which was recently sold by her family.

Mixed by Ian McGettigan of Parkdalian Sound Space and mastered by Harris Newman of Montreal’s Grey Market Mastering, the album features an original mix of psychedelic sounds with surf style guitar rifts. Picture an oddball combination of the Beach Boys and The Doors.

The EP is kicked off by “So is the Sea.” The song sets the tone and provides the listener with the exact feel they should expect to hear throughout the five track sampling. 1977 has a remarkable style that is all their own.

Their unique style of is very evident on “You Got Away.” The tune puts you into a dream-like haze as your mind melts into the song while your body is close behind.

The feel of the album continues with “Alright.” Kendall describes a dream and tells her listeners that, “It’s all gonna be alright.” You almost feel like you are surfing through your own personal dream world while listening to this organ-heavy selection, which also features sweet sounding guitar rifts.

Kendall’s voice shows its delicate beauty in “Sunshine.” The songstress whispers her sweet words in your ear, while the music of the group treats you to its originality and creativity.

The EP concludes with “I’m Okay (There Will Come a Day).” Similar to “Alright,” Kendall’s gentle voice is the star of the track. It soothes listeners, providing a calm and relaxing stroke of vocal brilliance, while her band accompanies with an astral feel.

1977 continues to please listeners, while playing the original, creative and unique style of music that earned them their Juno nomination and separated them from the herds of bands that are beginning to sound like one another.

The “So is the Sea” EP is a great teaser for the upcoming “Seaforth.” I highly recommend taking a listen by purchasing a copy at the band’s website (http://www.nineteenseventyseven.ca).

1977 will be performing songs from “So is the Sea” at the EP release party on Friday November 25th at the Rivoli in Toronto.

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