Adaline – Modern Romantics

Modern Romantics is the sophomore album from the wonderfully, captivating Adaline, a brilliant songstress from Canada, who hit the music scene with her 2008 debut Famous for Fire.

The debut was just the starting point for this talented artist, as she begins to establish herself with a uniquely diverse and creative flair.

Her brilliant work on Famous for Fire spawned several music videos for songs such as “Fine Beyond Compare,” (directed by Stephano Barberis) (video link: and “Whiter/Straighter” (directed by JP Poliquin) (video link:

Earning rave reviews for her first album, Adaline has moved onward in updating her music portfolio while proving she is not done with showcasing her talent and abilities.

On Modern Romantics, the exquisite singer delivers captivating and beautiful vocal work that immediately grabs your attention, while her soft and delicate voice relaxes your soul.

Combine her alluring voice with the production skill of Hawksley Workman, Marten Tromm and Tino Zolfo, who all contributed on the album, and you’ve got an outstanding listening experience; a blend of electro pop and fine tuned instrumentals that will invoke listeners.

The 12 track album begins with the powerful “That’s What You Do Best,” which immediately showcases Adaline’s vocal genius as she speaks to you with strong lyrics, that is accompanied by a deep collection of enduring instruments. The song will make you, the listener, reminisce about the sadness in your own life and is an excellent way for the collection of music to begin.

“The Noise” brings more of an uplifting cheer to the early stages of Modern Romantics. The catchy tune reminds you of staring across a crowded dance floor at the woman of your dreams as her beauty sway delicately amongst the mob. The tune definitely has the feel of a chart topper and the song’s music video (directed by JP Poliquin) (link: premiered on the website for Interview Magazine earlier this month.

The high production value of the album is one of its greatest traits in my opinion. On “Keep Me High,” the song’s introduction brings shivers to my spine, as Adaline whispers intense words while the build into the body of the work is remarkable. Overall, the tune is one of the strongest on the album and really generates a ton of emotion as it resonates through your speakers.

“Stereo” may be the tune that pushes Adaline into the upper echelon of the Canadian music scene. It is the closest thing to pop music on the album and is one of the catchiest songs I’ve heard in some time. The entire song was built for success and could easily outdo most of the popular tunes currently on the radio. It should move its way up the charts in no time.

A few of the other gems on the album include “Say Goodbye (I Won’t Even), which features a heart racing intro and intense fervour which makes you want to sing the lyrics and “Sparks,” the most upbeat selection on the album. The uplifting joy and happiness surrounding the song makes you want to jump out of bed and go for a morning stroll. The electro-pop beat breathes excitement and definitely puts you in the mood for a good head nodding session.

The album has been very successful and has earned Adaline some prominent media attention.” Say Goodbye (I Won’t Even)” was featured on the popular television series Grey’s Anatomy, while “Stereo” appeared in an episode of Ringer, a new program featuring Sarah Michelle Gellar.

What more is there to say about Adaline?

Modern Romantics is a winner and with its current success and the impressive quality of music Adaline is producing, there shouldn’t be anything but continued success for the musician.

To purchase a copy of Modern Romantics you can visit Adaline’s website at

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