The Darcys – AJA

After a successful release of their self-titled album on Arts & Crafts, The Darcys are back at it again with another free, downloadable album to quench the musical thirsts of their adoring and growing fan base.

This time around, the Toronto based quartet reworked a classic album by a band that has inspired them and many other musicians, Steely Dan.

The 1977 album AJA, which was named by Rolling Stone magazine as one of the top 500 albums of all-time, was re-created, and without a doubt, The Darcys did an outstanding job of putting their unique and original spin on an already beautiful work of art from the 70s.

The seven track album begins with “Black Cow,” a focussed and well-produced opening tune that shows the instrumental talents of The Darcys, as well as the skilled vocal work of Jason Couse.

Couse’s voice draws the listener in with its “one of a kind” sound and his soothing, yet impactful lyrics make you want more right from the get go. His voice continues to shine on other tracks such as: “Deacon Blues,” “Home at Last” and “Josie.”

From “Black Cow,” the album moves onward to lengthy hits such as “AJA” and “Deacon Blues.”

“AJA” is a long trip on a musical journey where you can appreciate the amount of hard work and dedication put into this re-make. The Darcys went all out on this tune and it shows when you hit the play button.

“Deacon Blues” is exceptional. You can get lost in Couse’s sweet lyrics and almost forget about everything else that is going on around you, which makes this tune a winner.

Next up is “Peg,” the biggest highlight of the album in my opinion. The catchy, quick guitar rifts and quick drumbeats get stuck in your head instantly. You’ll be humming this for days, guaranteed.

“Home at Last” really showcases the band’s talent. The psychedelic sounds, crisp guitar work and strong build towards an intense finish leave you in an almost altered state of mind, a distorted reality if you will.

The album concludes with “I Got the News” and “Josie.”

“I Got the News” is the best arranged piece on the album in my opinion. An excellent piece of music that features an awesome 25 second guitar solo at the 2:25 mark that will leave you drooling.

“Josie” is a descriptive song about, you guessed it, a woman named Josie that has a 70s psychedelic feel that closes out the album nicely.

The Darcys are exceptional at translating their feelings through the use of music and they showcase this well throughout the entire album.

Have The Darcys done Steely Dan and AJA proud? They sure have.

Have a listen for yourself and be the judge, a free download is available at their site

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