Dolls and Betties Set to Battle on the Flat Track

The defending champion Chicks Ahoy! kicked off the 2012 Toronto Roller Derby (ToRD) season defeating their rivals, the Gore-Gore Rollergirls, in front of a sold out audience on Feb. 4.

The ToRD season continues this Saturday with the Death Track Dolls competing against the Smoke City Betties, a game that follows a sanctioned Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA) bout between Toronto’s travel team CN Power and the visiting Roc City Roller Derby from Rochester, NY.

“I’m so excited for different reasons for both,” said Mia Culprit, a veteran skater from ToRD, who has the amazing privilege of playing in both bouts as part of CN Power and the Betties.

“CN Power is an opportunity to play with some amazing skaters who have been pushing themselves for years and my team (the Betties) have been building like crazy and working on stuff and growing together.”

After an impressive Beast of the East tournament last season where they finished in third place, the Dolls season ended on a low note with two consecutive losses of a wide margin to Chicks Ahoy!, the final loss ending their season.

The blood-starved ladies in red and white look to rebound on the strength of veteran blockers such as: Jubilee, Monichrome and Dolly Parts’ Em, new captains Panty Hoser and Sinead O’Clobber and a new manager Mr.Wencer, but it could be the influx of talented rookies who make the difference for the Dolls this season.

“I think they are awesome. Firstly, I don’t want to skate against any of them, so it’s perfect that they are on my team and they are three super cool girls,” said rookie Dolls skater Ames to Kill who idolizes her rookie team-mates.

“I love all three of them: UpHer Cut, Bellefast and Scarcasm. We’re doing really great things together.”

Similar to the Dolls, the Betties drafted four new skaters with high hopes for each: General Patten, Laya Beaton, Renny Rumble and Slaptrick Swayze and also recruited a new manager in retired ToRD skater Raunchy Hextall.

The 2012 version of the Betties is arguably the strongest since their appearance in the 2009 ToRD finals with the likes of: Bruiseberry Pie, Lady Scorcher and Wolverina forming a strong blocking presence in front of a deep jammer rotation of: Platinum Bomb, Rug Burn, Sail Her Poon and titmouse.

“We have some really strong players like Sin D Drop-Her, who blows my mind, I love her,” said Culprit.

“Renny Rumble, I’m really looking forward to skating with her…her agility is really high so having her on the track with me is going to be really awesome.”

The Dolls, who won the only match-up between the two teams last season by a score of 115-62 may not have such an easy time with the Betties this time around, how does the team plan on dealing with their counter-parts?

“Neutralizing Bruiseberrry, Mia and Renny Rumble. Those are three very strong players. We’re fully aware of this so staying on them as much as possible and keeping them away from our jammers,” said Ames.

“We’re going to stay together, build strong walls, work on our offense, keep a calm bench and win.”

The doors to the event open at 5:00 p.m. and the games begin at 6:00 p.m. Tickets are available at the Toronto Roller Derby website.

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