Dolls and Betties Duke it out, CN Power Owns Home Turf

Toronto Roller Derby (ToRD) continued with its killer sports action last Saturday, as CN Power withstood their visitors from Roc City 171-108 and the Death Track Dolls narrowly defeated their opponents the Smoke City Betties 115-100.

“It was super exciting and I’m not going to lie, winning both was pretty incredible,” said Panty Hoser, who played both games, one as a member of CN Power and the other as captain of the Death Track Dolls.

“I have never played two full games back-to-back before, so I was wondering how I would do, but when it came down to it, I didn’t even feel remotely tired. I guess the adrenaline carried me a lot farther than I could have imagined.”

The event took place at The Bunker in front of another capacity crowd of screaming fans. The bout was the second of the ToRD season.

The double header featured a Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA) sanctioned game between CN Power (representing Toronto) and the Roc City Roc Stars from Rochester, NY and was followed by the first home league bout of the season for the Betties and Dolls.

In the opener, CN Power controlled most of the game against Roc City; they played a defensive minded bout and controlled their opponents’ jammers in the first half, leading 81-23 after one.

Aston Martini, Betty Bomber and Tara Part had great blocking games, while Bambi, Defecaitlin, Dyna Hurtcha and Rebel Rock-it did the jamming and scoring for the ladies in pink.

Some huge hits delivered courtesy of Bruiseberry Pie, Jubilee and Hoser left Roc City staggered, but they never quit and closed the gap thanks to big pick-ups from Asa Spades and Natasha Musquasha.

The momentum of the bout switched in Roc City’s favour as time elapsed in the second half, with Spades scoring 21 points in the game’s final jam, but CN Power built enough of a point differential in the first half and early on in the second that it didn’t matter as they walked away victorious.

The main event between the Dolls and Betties was a back and forth affair between two tough teams. Bruiseberry, Hoser, Bomber and Jubilee switched shirts and played in their second consecutive bout.

Consistent lead changes and penalties saw a rough and tough battle between two teams who were after the big win.

Betties’ blockers Renny Rumble, Mia Culprit and Wolverina teamed up on numerous occasions to battle with the Dolls’ Sinead O’Clobber, Ames to Kill and Scarcasm.

Betties’ jammers Rug Burn, titmouse and Platinum Bomb squared off against Dolls’ jammers Bellefast, Demolition Dawn, SlamWow and double duty from Hoser, Bomber and Jubilee.

The Betties held the lead going into the half 58-52 and looked to earn their first victory in ToRD in more than two seasons.

The second half was neck and neck right down to the finish and the Dolls barely walked away victorious after capitalizing on penalty trouble from the Betties’ jammers, which allowed for large point pick-ups via power jams.

“The CN Power bout was great, but I had some penalty trouble in the second half and spent way more time in the box than I would have liked. So I have to say that I was much happier with my performance with the Dolls,” said Hoser, who had an exceptional bout for both squads.

“It was my first time wearing the C and my first time officially jamming in a game. I was honestly really nervous about both. But I thought it went pretty well, all things considered. Jamming is really hard.”

Despite what the scoreboard read, the Betties felt like this was a win for the team.

“It’s a huge change in mentality now that they feel like they can win instead of last season where it was…we didn’t lose by that much,” said Raunchy Hextall, who managed her first bout with the Betties.

“(Lady) Scorcher said it best ‘Last season they’d lose by a hundred and thirty points and still be so happy’ and I mean it was a fifteen point difference and they were disappointed because they knew they could have done better… They did great, the whole team did great.”

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