CMW 2012: Treble Charger Returns to Rock the Phoenix

Fans packed the Phoenix last night to witness Treble Charger reunite and rock the building in honour of Canadian Music Week (CMW).

“Hey, you remember 1998 too?” said lead vocalist Greig Nori upon hitting the stage.

“Seeing the crowd makes a guy like me feel special.”

The show was the first live performance for the band since they disbanded in 2006 and they did not look rusty at all.

The group showcased a wide variety of tunes spanning their whole discography. They travelled back to their first album NC17 by playing “10th Grade Love,” dropped “Even Grable” from their self-titled, induced a sing-a-long from the crowd when they played the immensely popular “Red” from Maybe It’s Me, and earned the biggest ovations of the night when they delivered “Brand New Low” and “Hundred Million.” They closed out the show by appeasing their pop punk audience with their biggest industry hit “American Psycho,” which had the ladies screaming their lungs out.

The band was so appreciative of the support they received during the show that they invited a “super fan” of the band onto the stage to rock out with them. The fan was decked out in a vintage Treble Charger t-shirt and was in awe of the band before he got his dance on.

“This man deserves the fan appreciation award…he’s been the best fan here all night,” said Noiri.

“Give it up for the weird bald man with the groovy moves.”

The Phoenix show was announced as an add-on after the group initially agreed to re-unite to play The Indie Awards as part of CMW.

Organ Thieves kicked off the show by debuting their album Somewhere Between Free Men and Slaves – an album Noiri produced – and were followed by Twin Atlantic. Teenage Kicks set the bar high by delivering an outstanding performance, but the night was all about the return of Treble Charger and they did not disappoint.

The group thanked everyone in attendance for coming out, amidst jokes about their age and the 90’s, but never once hinted at the group getting back together permanently, an announcement fans were overheard discussing in the crowd, amongst other subjects such as what to bring to potluck lunches if you don’t like the host.

For those interested, bring freezer burned Eggo waffles, half filled bottles of Coca-Cola and stale Tostitos tortilla chips without any dip, all of which are big hits.

Treble Charger will also be performing this Saturday at 8:40 p.m. as part of The Indie Awards. The show will take place in the Canadian Room of the Royal York Hotel and also features Passion Pit, The Pack AD, The Sheepdogs and more.

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