CMW 2012: The Pack AD Smash the Horseshoe

The Pack AD delivered a mind-boggling performance amidst a swarm of sweaty, beer spitting party animals at the Horseshoe last night as part of Canadian Music Week (CMW).

“Holy sh*t. It’s a sweatbox in here,” said The Pack AD drummer Maya Miller.

“We’re going to play some songs, followed by some songs, because that’s what we do, we’re not very good at multi-tasking.”

The duo of Miller and lead singer/guitarist Becky Black from Vancouver, BC were one of the highly-anticipated shows on CMW’s Thursday night. Despite sound issues, an overcrowded venue and blistering heat, the ladies delivered a stellar show that had fans going nuts.

Black’s voice and energy resonated throughout the building and immediately had the audience’s attention by the time she sang “Cobra Matte,” a quick, jerky, pick-me-up of a tune that really had the crowd moving early on.

As the packed venue cheered for more, the pair gave their audience exactly what they craved. They stayed away from their early blues rock roots of Tintype and Funeral Mixtape sticking with material from We Kill Computers and their latest album Unpersons. Tracks such as “Crazy,” “Deer,” “Sirens,” and “Haunt You” received huge ovations as mosh pits were created, bodies were flung and heads were banging. Black and Miller caused mass hysteria with their killer music.

Black delivered the highlight of the night when she climbed towards the ceiling of the venue singing the opening to “Snow,” a tune with heavy blues sounding lyrics and guitar work, albeit at a much higher tempo than most blues music. This song absolutely rocks live.

As the sweat poured off the bodies of the pair, they still had time to interact with fans. The group encouraged the audience to belt out the lyrics of “Don’t Have to Like You,” and the building erupted when the fast-paced breakdown of the song hit the sound system.

The group, who were recently nominated for three Indie Awards, are on a roll. They have sold out tour dates all over North America on the horizon, as well as dates in France this coming April, and based on last night’s performance, the roll they are on doesn’t look like it’s going to stop anytime soon.

The Pack AD is cooler than cool. They’re awesome.

The Pack AD will be performing again this Saturday as part of The Indie Awards. The group opens the show at 8:00 p.m. and it will take place in the Canadian Room of the Royal York Hotel.

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