CMW 2012: I Mother Earth Reunites to Annihilate the Sound Academy

I Mother Earth (IME) reunited last Friday to play their second show in two nights as part of Canadian Music Week (CMW) and absolutely tore the roof off the Sound Academy.

“Last night, we didn’t know what our plan was, after tonight we’re going to have one,” said lead singer Brian Byrne to the jam packed crowd.

“Last night was sold out, but it seems like there’s more people in here tonight.”

The band didn’t seem like they had lost a step musically, despite only playing the one show the night before, their first in eight years.

The lights dimmed prior to the show’s beginning and a large screen with a five minute countdown clock appeared. When the counter hit ten seconds the huge pack of fans in attendance counted down as smoke and lasers filled the room. The band appeared, the crowd went wild and the energy in the room began to rise throughout the beginning of the performance, but when “Levitate” hit the speaker system, the mob broke into a frenzy of flailing bodies as they screamed lyrics at the top of their lungs.

The group played every big hit from their discography including “Summertime in the Void,” “Used to Be Alright,” “Another Sunday” and “One More Astronaut,” in a three hour spectacle of musical genius which included two encores — the first spanning 30 minutes, the second 15  — and numerous solos from all members of the band.

“Honestly, the only reason we’re here is you guys, it’s the truth, sorry for underestimating you guys, you’re amazing, thank you,” said Byrne as a huge beaming smile crossed his sweaty face.

Similar to the return of fellow Canadian group Treble Charger on Wednesday, nostalgia filled the venue. Fans sported t-shirts in support of IME, some older than certain patrons of the all-ages event, while others compared the show to their “Live off the Floor” performance in 2003 – arguably the best live show of the band’s history.

The event brought electricity and enthusiasm that only the foursome could have created and fans appreciated the effort the group put forward by chanting ‘IME” for long periods of time on several occasions. Expressions of joy crossed the band’s face every time these chants started and they continued to rock as a thank you.

The venue shook with music madness until after 1:00 a.m. and people left the building with grins across their faces, ripped clothing, sweaty faces and frizzy hair; a sign of an unbelievable rock show.

As people flooded Polson St. fighting for cabs and the initial drag of their cigarettes, fans could be overheard discussing if the group would be getting back together. Byrne hinted at the idea earlier in the show and the group released an incredible new tune “We Got the Love,” so signs could be pointing in the direction of yes.

Let’s hope this is true because the addition of IME back into the Canadian music scene would be wonderful for the business as a whole. Here’s hoping for the best.

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