Quad City Chaos Invades Toronto

Toronto Roller Derby (ToRD) continued to showcase the best roller derby action across the GTA at the beginning of March when the Death Track Dolls narrowly defeated the Smoke City Betties in home team play, while ToRD travel team CN Power easily handled Roc City Roller Derby in their continued climb of the WFTDA’s North Central division.

Next up for Toronto at The Bunker is ToRD’s annual Quad City Chaos (QCC) event. The invitational tournament will be hosted over two days this weekend and pit Toronto’s travel team CN Power against top teams from Hamilton (Eh! Team), Kitchener (Tri-City Thunder), and Ottawa (Rideau Valley Vixens).

“I think that the Vixens will hold their own against the other opponents at QCC,” said Hanna Murphy a.k.a Semi Precious, blocker and co-captain of the Vixens.

“Even though we don’t have full WFTDA status as of yet we do have some experience competing against WFTDA teams and in my opinion have done quite well and can only get better.”

The last two QCC events have been utterly dominated by Montreal Roller Derby, who decided against competing in the event this season. With Montreal out of the running to post the tournament’s best record, Toronto and Tri-City have become early favourites due to their WFTDA experience and overall skill. The two teams actually matched up for the most exciting bout of last year’s tournament on day two, a barn-burner of a game that saw a back and forth affair that CN Power eventually won. The potential idea of playing a bout like that against Tri-City is also exciting for Rideau Valley.

“Personally I am the most excited for our re-match against Tri-City Thunder. I like their style of game play and the previous two times we have played them we have had very close challenging games,” said Murphy.

This will be the first year that the QCC event features three WFTDA sanctioned teams in Toronto, Tri-City and Hamilton (Rideau Valley is in the apprenticeship phase) which means the importance of the games are higher than ever before because these bouts could affect overall WFTDA rankings, a reason why CN Power has been training hard.

“Our training has been more focused and disciplined this year, which I think has made us a smarter team,” said Natasha Jesenek a.k.a Nasher the Smasher, a blocker for CN Power.

“We’ve picked strategies that work for us, and have been committed to perfecting them. We’re playing a more controlled game, and working together as a team better than ever.”

Along with focussed training and discipline, Jesenek also has her eye on a few skaters that may be a thorn in the side of CN Power this weekend and does not plan to take these ladies lightly.

“After our recent scrimmage with Tri-City, I think Sofanda Beatin is going to have a great tournament. She’s improved so much since last year, and should not be underestimated.  She’ll be a threat in the pack, and maybe even off the jammer line,” said Jesenek.

“I’m always watching Semi-Precious from Ottawa.  She’s incredible in the pack – fast, strong, smart – like a machine! We’ll need to work hard to keep our jammers safe from her.”

The feeling was mutual between Semi Precious and Nasher.

“There are so many amazing and talented skaters that will be involved in this tournament, but to name one (skater to watch), I would say Nasher the Smasher from CN Power,” said Murphy.

“She is one of my all time favourite blockers to watch and to play against. She is heavy hitting and super smart; she always makes things tricky when she is on the track.”

Doors to the event open at 11:00 a.m. with the first bout scheduled to take place at 12:00 p.m. Tickets are available online at the Toronto Roller Derby website.

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