CN Power Owns Quad City Chaos

CN Power went undefeated at this past weekend’s Quad City Chaos (QCC) roller derby tournament at The Bunker in Toronto and solidified themselves as the top travel team in Ontario.

“It’s a very important time right now because we really want to make it to regionals,” said Stephen Brydson a.k.a Sonic Doom, one of the managers for CN Power.

“We’ve only had two WFTDA losses and they were against two really tough teams in Naptown and Grand Raggidy, so it’s nice to win.”

The third annual QCC featured teams from Toronto (CN Power), Tri-City (Thunder), Ottawa (Vixens) and Hamilton (Eh! Team). The four teams squared off against each other in a two day tournament of exciting and hard-hitting roller derby action. The bouts between Toronto, Hamilton and Tri-City were important for each squad because they affected their WFTDA rankings, while Ottawa looked to prove that an apprenticeship league was not to be overlooked.

CN Power began the tournament on Saturday with tough victories over the Vixens (197-84) and the Thunder (141-107), two of the most anticipated bouts of the entire weekend.

Blockers Bruiseberry Pie and Lady Gag-Ya stepped up for the ladies in pink against Ottawa, while Candy Crossbones, Dyna Hurtcha and Rebel Rock-It picked up a large number of points with the jammer star. A scary moment in the bout saw the ever-popular Mega Mouth go down with an injury, but she recovered, played through the pain and turned it around with a strong second half, a half that also included an impressive 30 point jam from Betty Bomber.

In the main event of Saturday, Toronto squared off against Tri-City. The two teams have formed a bit of a rivalry over the last couple of seasons and were very evenly matched. The rough and tumble bout featured strong blocking from Tara Part and Nasher the Smasher combined with speedy jamming from Defecaitlin and Bambi. Freudian Whip and Ova Kill put in spectacular efforts for the Thunder, but it was not enough as CN Power walked away victorious. The win will most likely shoot Toronto past Tri-City in the WFTDA’s North Central division.

“Both teams surprised us because they both went through such drastic roster changes,” said Brydson.

“The Vixens came out much stronger and more organized. Their formations were fantastic… the Thunder, they have a lot of new jammers, they delivered, they’re always a threat, always a tough team, but I’m happy that we pretty much kept control of the game for the entire 60 minutes.”

On Sunday, after an exhilarating bout between Ottawa and Tri-City, CN Power looked for their third win of QCC as they squared off against Hammer City.

Hamilton got off to a surprisingly quick start and even earned an early 8-7 lead, but Toronto shook off the rust, gained the lead and dominated the bout with a 408-55 victory.

The game featured a 39 point jam from Defecaitlin and a 28 point jam from Rebel Rock-It as well as monster hits from Bruiseberry Pie, Nasher the Smasher, and Brim Stone.

Hammer City jammer Mean Little Mama took three consecutive trips to the box which allowed for Toronto to pull away and despite the best efforts of JJ Bladez and Bitchslap Barbie, CN Power were just too much for the Eh! Team.

The undefeated record at QCC was the first of its kind for Toronto and the road to regionals only gets tougher as the season continues. The team has games coming up against skilled teams from Buffalo and Ohio as well as the East Coast Derby Extravaganza and Midwest Brewhaha. All of the bouts will affect the team’s national ranking.

“I’m happy to play at a higher level of derby, play stronger, more reputable teams… It’s nice to play different teams, teams in different cities, different tracks, and different referees, helping us learn to maintain our cool, compensate rather than complain,” said Brydson.

“We’re developing and becoming more flexible in our abilities, having a plan a, plan b, plan c. We’re becoming a really versatile team because of this.”

Final scores of all bouts at QCC were as follows:

Day One

CN Power 197 Vixens 84

Thunder 390 Eh! Team 31

Vixens 248 Eh! Team 75

CN Power 141 Thunder 107

Day Two

Thunder 202 Vixens 168

CN Power 408 Eh! Team 55

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