Ashley Sloggett: Between Sleep and Summer EP

Burlington, ON songstress Ashley Sloggett is at it again, delivering her upbeat folk rock sound to the listening public with her new six track EP Between Sleep and Summer.

Her first release known as The Annum EP was a definite winner, spawning a fantastic music video for the tune “Soldier Slave,” which earned the album some major attention, but her latest work may surpass the first album’s success.

The energy, enthusiasm and spirit that Sloggett projects in her work are just a few of the attributes that make her music so pleasant to listen to. She really knows how to make a listener feel good and has the perfect voice to accompany her fast strumming acoustic guitar.

Her latest album begins with a real gem titled “New Town,” a fast-paced, folk rock tune with great vocal diversity that gets the album off and running. The tune just makes you happy and you can credit Sloggett’s vocals for that feeling.

The album moves on to the country style tune “The Wolves,” which features a catchy chorus and additional male vocals from Rob Pasalic – who also provides lead guitar on the track – and Ian Blackwood also jumps in with vocals to provide some depth. The tune gets stuck in your head after one listen and could be one of the strongest on the disc.

Next up is the impressive “Always Burning,” a very strong tune with some serious musical impact courtesy of Sloggett. You get a feeling that she sings about dealing with personal experiences in life and this song is definitely a tune people can relate to. Her vocals are at their best on this track and you immediately feel like singing along with her when she belts “You and I were like a fire, always burning.”

“Abandon All Your Shipwrecks,” starts and closes with some catchy whistling, which again puts the listener in a positive mood. This tune may not have the most positive of lyrics, but the lively, upbeat theme of the album is still evident as this tune plays.

If you’re familiar with “The Annum EP” than you have heard “Fire and Flood” before. Sloggett delivers the tune once again, but this time around it comes with a beautiful piano accompaniment. This is the first time on the album that she moves away from her folk rock comfort zone and it was a huge success. You witness a different side of the singer as she hits some of her best notes albeit in a sad and emotional way. It’s a side she should feature more often when she creates future albums because the song really packed some punch.

Finally, the EP closes with “Something More,” a return to the “happy-go-lucky” folk rock style that Sloggett is known for. The song makes you feel like jumping out of bed in the morning and going out to enjoy your day. Maybe the tune was better fit as an album opener, but nonetheless it was still an effective closer, which left me in high spirits.

Overall, Sloggett has once again delivered a great album with her swift playing acoustic guitar, joyous vocals and jubilant folk rock style. “Between Sleep and Summer” is a great follow-up to “The Annum EP” and I cannot wait to see what the singer has in store for the future.

The “Between Sleep and Summer” EP is available for a free listen on Ashley Sloggett’s Souncloud page:

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