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Have you ever dreamed of giving a fist bump or a tap on the shinpads to your favorite hockey players such as Sidney Crosby, Jonathan Quick or Logan Couture after they make a mind-boggling play on the ice via sports social media?

Well, that dream is now a reality thanks to the sports social media app Shnarped Hockey and it’s founders Dustin Sproat and Kyle Hagel. Shnarped strengthens the emotional bond between players and fans by providing exclusive behind-the-scenes access and enabling interactions that carry meaning to fans and players alike.

Shnarped allows users to better track the on and off-ice tendencies of pro players as they strive to make the NHL and ultimately raise the Stanley Cup.

Shnarped gives fans the unique the opportunity to contribute to their team’s success by interacting via their iPhone.

Features of the Product

  • Player statistics, pictures, Twitter feeds, bio information, and contract information are quickly and
    conveniently available, making Shnarped an excellent tool for fantasy hockey participants
  • Shnarped covers all players in the NHL, AHL, ECHL, and Central League
  • Verified players are likely to see pounds and messages, and are able to customize their ‘stall’ with
    tidbits of information they’d like to share with their fans
  • Fans can send players a ‘pound’ – like a fist-bump that represents a virtual tap on the shinpads for a
    job well done. Messages can be attached to the pound and posted on the players wall
  • Users can search for individual players or teams in the search bar, or use customized search buttons
    to identify players: on hot streaks, with customized stalls, with a high pound count, and more.
  • Shnarped is available on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch in the Apple App Store

If you were to download and jump onto the app right now, you may recognize professional hockey players such as the aforementioned Crosby, Quick and Couture, as well as Sam Gagner, Matt Moulson, Kevin Westgarth and many more.

Players that are verified tend to check the app quite regularly, so they will likely see the pound and/or message and appreciate that someone has recognized their performance. Unverified players are much less likely to see and notice the pounds, at least in the short-term.

Check out the video starring NHLer Kevin Westgarth to learn more about the app.

Shnarped is available on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch in the Apple App Store and it is currently free to download.

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