Sports Business: New Channel Launch for ESPN Star Sports

In the world of sports business, ESPN STAR Sports is set to launch a new channel, marketing directly to the Indian sub-continent. The launch keeps in mind the growing need for Indian sports fans and the sports most liked and specific to them.

The new channel named STAR Sports 2 will officially launch on March 11, 2013. It will showcase live and non-live sporting events such as cricket, soccer, tennis, motor racing and golf.

In the first month of its launch, the channel will cover tournaments like Serie A and La Liga soccer, BPL action, Nascar racing and prime tennis from the Men’s ATP Tour as well as many others.

“Our vision is to expand the sports viewership in the country. STAR network has acquired some of the best sporting properties in every genre and is committed to taking sports broadcasting to a new level,” said Sanjay Gupta, COO of STAR India.

“These include broadcast rights to the BCCI national and domestic cricket for six years; broadcast rights of Spanish La Liga, Italian Serie A and English FA Cup and England international matches.”

The network also has the rights to International Cricket Council – an incredibly popular option for the fanbase they are marketing themselves towards –  F1, Australian Open and Wimbledon tennis and so much more.

The move makes a ton of sense for ESPN STAR, who did not disclose the price of the channel, but indsutry observers project it will fall into the premium pricing category. They currently charge 29 rupees  ($15.37USD) per month for its STAR Sports and ESPN channels and 30 rupees ($15.90USD) per month for STAR Cricket.

The broadcaster has launched an on-air campaign to promote the new channel.

STAR Sports 2 will be the sixth channel to be launched by ESPN STAR Sports in India after STAR Sports, STAR Cricket, STAR Cricket HD, ESPN and ESPN HD.

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