Aaron Laffey is the best option for the Mets

The Mets rotation was supposed to be fronted by veterans Johan Santana and free agent addition Shaun Marcum to begin the season, but things are not going according to plan.

Santana is done for the season and will likely never pitch a game again for the team and the Mets still don’t have an accurate read on what is wrong with Marcum.

The number two starter – who was signed to a $4 million deal in the off-season – has discomfort in both his right shoulder and neck and was examined by team doctors at Citi Field on Thursday.

The Mets have changed their diagnosis of Marcum’s injury twice since mid-March and are still unsure of what is bothering the pitcher.

Marcum will not be available to pitch against the Marlins on Sunday, which means the Mets need an arm in the rotation.

“Lucky” Aaron Laffey will get the call for the team. He’s earned this nickname because he always seems to be floating around in a team’s organization at the most opportune time. Injuries occur and Laffey is waiting in the wings for his shot to prove that soft tossing lefties can still survive in this day’s version of MLB.

Last season when the Blue Jays were decimated by injuries to their rotation, Laffey stepped in and started 16 games for the squad. He held his own in a very tough American League East division, going 4-6 with an ERA of 4.56 and he has the experience and pitching knowledge to do the same in the National League East.

Luckily for the Mets, he doesn’t have a daunting task to start his season in the rotation, which should allow him to ease into the role.

The Marlins – with the exception of Giancarlo Stanton – don’t pack much punch and should be one of the league’s worst teams offensively, which should make Laffey’s life easier in his first start of the season.

Injuries have already rattled the team’s rotation, forcing them to go with Laffey and Jeremy Hefner, while sticking with a struggling Dillon Gee as their number three, but could the Mets have gone a different route filling their fifth spot?

Jenrry Mejia seemed like an excellent option, but he’s on the 15-day DL with right forearm tendonitis (luckily it’s nothing too severe and there’s no structural damage) and number one prospect Zach Wheeler needs time to rehab from a strained right oblique muscle.

Gonzalez Germen is an option, but did the Mets really feel comfortable adding a guy who gave up seven hits in two innings of spring ball to their rotation?

What about Collin McHugh? Well he didn’t fair much better then Germen over the spring, allowing 10 H and 5 ER in 4.2 IP for a 9.64 ERA and a 2.14 WHIP.

Chris Schwinden has MLB experience and could prove to be a better option then German, though his two starts at the top level in 2012 left a lot to be desired. The righty’s 12.46 ERA and 2.07 WHIP are cringe-worthy.

The decision to go with Laffey – although not the greatest of options – is the best the team currently has unless they reach outside the organization.

Let’s hope the Mets injury train stops soon, otherwise this locomotive of bad health in the rotation could derail their entire season.

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