Sports Technology: ScentAir Travels into Edward Jones Dome

ScentAir and its over 2,000 different scents – ranging from delicious smells such as popcorn, waffle cones, caramel apples and even odd scents such as dinosaur breath – has been travelling into the nostrils and smell receptors of people all over the world for more then two decades.

From movie theatres to hotels to fitness clubs, ScentAir’s brand is ever-expanding and they are ensuring that people everywhere get the smell they are interested in achieving no matter what the scenario.

ScentAir has decided to dive nose-first into the sports industry by providing the lovely smell of cotton candy to the noses of adoring St. Louis Rams fans and the Edward Jones Dome.

“One of the first things we wanted to do here was to look at all the ways we can improve the game-day experience for families,” says Brian Killingsworth, vice president of marketing and brand strategy for the Rams.

“We wanted to create a positive first impression for fans when they first walk into the stadium and we trigger their senses.”

How do the Rams go about acheiving this in such a large space? Is it an expensive process? The scent is pumped through the HVAC systems at the two main entrances of the building and that’s it. Quite simple.

Services range from $100 a month for a small storefront to thousands a month for a more complicated space. That price includes everything from the scent development and selection to delivery systems. Killingsworth said the return on investment was hard to measure, but believed the first year was successful and the process will continue.

With the added cotton candy smell floating throughout the building, concessions sales at Edward Jones Dome went up, which including cotton candy. ScentAir reaches the noses of more then four million people a year and are developing new scents everyday. You can follow them on Twitter @ScentAir

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