New Sports Social Media Relationship for The Legacy Agency

The Legacy Agency – which was created in early 2012 – when Legacy Sports Group and The Agency Sports Management forged into one has decided to form an sports social media alliance with Dallas-based e-commerce network FanTree, Inc.

The partnership will allow The Legacy Agency’s clients the opportunity to use FanTree’s service in an effort to create new revenue streams and continue to build their online brands.

The Legacy Agency represents current and former sports clients such as: C.C. Sabathia, Reggie Bush, Jose Reyes, Jim Furyk and Troy Aikman.

“Social media has changed the model of distribution and the relationship between athlete and fan,” said TK Stohlman, President of FanTree.

“We created FanTree to help athletes maximize the revenue created by their biggest fans, revenue that previously found its way to other people’s pockets. FanTree also makes available the option for its partner athletes to donate all or a portion of their proceeds to their favorite charities, bringing about real change in the community as a result of direct fan interaction.”

The FanTree platform hasn’t launched yet, but it should be up and running this Summer.

The Legacy Agency hopes the company’s new partnership with FanTree will provide new opportunities for their clients, while giving them a a boost from a social media perspective, which in turn should increase their brand and finances.

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