Is Matt Harvey really unstoppable?

Yeah, yeah, yeah; another story about how amazing Matt Harvey is.

Harvey is the best pitcher the Mets and their fans have seen on the hill in quite some time and things just keep getting better.

The right-hander retired 27 of 28 hitters across nine shutout innings in his last start and looked pretty awesome doing it with a bloody nose.

Harvey has not lost a single start this season and has allowed a total of seven earned runs across seven starts for a ridiculously low ERA of 1.28 and WHIP of 0.69.

The fire-baller is making hitters swing and miss (58 K in 49.1 IP) while proving that he can also be a workhorse (he’s gone seven innings or more in all but two of his starts).

The 24-year old hasn’t had very many shaky moments this season. The Dodgers and Marlins have done the most damage to him and they still only scored a combined four runs and amassed a total of 11 combined hits in their two games.

Can Harvey really do no wrong this season?

Well, the short answer is no. There is going to be a time where he is really tested, he struggles – with command, injury, or some other kind of thing that ball players all deal with – or he gets lit up by someone.

Could a bout of non success turn the tide on him and send him into a losing streak?

It’s possible, but so is anything. No one is completely perfect in this game – no matter how close you actually come. There are ebbs and flows. Everyone who watches the game of baseball knows that.

But, when is it going to happen for Harvey?

His sheer dominance on the mound is reminiscent in a way of R.A. Dickey’s run to the NL Cy Young Award last season. No one can seem to figure Harvey out and just when you think that someone has, he zeroes in and rips apart an opponent’s line-up, so pinpointing an exact moment is difficult. His dominance shouldn’t last too much longer as teams face him for the second time, but you never really know when something like this will end.

However, could this just be a case of hitters not being able to adjust to Harvey? Is it still considered early enough in the season for hitters to be rusty?

Harvey isn’t a surprise anymore. Coaches and hitters around the NL must all be studying footage of the pitcher, not only figuring out a way to hit him, but to also see what they may be able to bring back to their own pitching staff, so there really isn’t room for excuses anymore.

Harvey is legit and teams have to figure out a way to stop him. His legitimacy has spawned comparisons to a young Roger Clemens and Doc Gooden by analyst Mitch Williams and Bleacher Report writer Joe Giglio and if Harvey continues to keep eating up line-ups the way he is then the comparisons are worthy ones to make.

Although it is exciting to see Harvey dismantle line-ups with his power stuff, it’s actually more exciting to think about the moment where he will first succeed in the face of scrutiny; when things aren’t going right and he has to work his out of base loaded jam or keep his club in a ball game while they fight to score runs for him.

These will be the moments that define him as a pitcher, because you can only be as dominate as he is for so long.

Even Clemens and Gooden had rough moments and Harvey will too.

Is Harvey unstoppable?

At the moment, yes; but for the entire season, it’s doubtful.

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