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The Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders are some of the most recognized cheerleaders in all of sports, right up there with the Laker Girls. They may even be some of the most recognizable sports entertainers off the field; sorry mascots of the world, but they’ve got more moves then all of you combined. Everyone knows who they are and women strive to be a part of the squad.

Being a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader can lead to fame and fortune for those who wear the silver and blue.

Erica Kiehl Jenkins – singer and member of The Pussycat Dolls – was a member of the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders from 2007-2009.

Micaela Johnson – also known as Miss Nebraska USA 2008 – sported the silver and blue attire from 2003-2005 and Melissa Rycroft – who appeared on Dancing with the Stars and The Bachelor waved the pom poms for Dallas from 2006-2008.

The cheerleading squad has even had films and a reality television show made about them. The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders aired in 1979 and starred Bert Convy and Jane Seymour and a sequel – The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders II – was made and aired in 1980, while the reality series Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team has been going strong since 2006.

The Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders are not just a bunch of pretty faces dancing on the sidelines, they are a marketable brand that has become famous and they’re looking for the next big thing to jump aboard their gravy train of popularity.

The team is holding a vote on their website and giving the fans an opportunity to be the judge of the next Dallas Cowboys cheerleader finalist.

You can select from an abundance of worthy contestants who have bios and dance videos to view. The candidate with the most votes will receive an automatic invitation to the 2013 training camp, where they have an opportunity to become the next Dallas Cowboys cheerleader, which could catapult them into stardom.

“Fans will get to vote on their favorite rookie and the rookie receiving the most votes will get a guaranteed invitation to training camp,” said Kelli Finglass, director of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders.

“We’ve really embraced social media over the last couple of years, each day we interact with our fans on Twitter and Facebook, which reminds me that we are truly in the fan business.”

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