Canadian Freelance Writing Jobs Profile

I was recently profiled for the website Canadian Freelance Writing Jobs. The full story is below: Bryan Mcwilliam worked in shipping and receiving for ten years, but found that this didn’t give him much opportunity to indulge his creative side. Then one day, a Facebook post that he made about the Toronto Blue Jays got […]

Scotland’s Journey to the World Cup

It’s been just over a month since the first-ever Roller Derby World Cup took place in Toronto, Canada. The event, which was organized by Blood and Thunder Magazine, in conjunction with Toronto Roller Derby, was a major success selling out every day. Fans from all over the globe attended The Bunker to watch 13 teams […]

Team Scotland MVP: Marla Mayhem

Last December, Blood and Thunder Magazine hosted the first-ever Roller Derby World Cup, in conjunction with Toronto Roller Derby at The Bunker in Toronto, Canada. The tournament had several exciting moments, from the overall dominance by USA, to host country Canada playing to a silver medal.  The event also featured a bout where 500 points […]

The Darcys

Toronto based quartet The Darcys is comprised of Jason Couse, Wes Marskell, Dave Hurlow and Michael le Riche. The group, self-described as a post-soul and shoe gaze band inspired by Steely Dan and compared to Radiohead, recently made their self-titled album available on their website ( for free to the public. The release comes after […]

Interview with Scottish Roller Derby

I was recently interviewed by Scottish Roller Derby to discuss the upcoming roller derby World Cup in Toronto. Read the interview here. Full article below. The first ever Roller Derby World Cup is just around the corner.With flights booked and accomodation sorted,the thoughts of many fans travelling to Toronto will be of the city itself.To […]

Artist Spotlight: Jeff Kaminskas

The art of creating music using original sounds, state of the art technology and a person’s own creative input is easier said then done. In this day and age some music fans assume that artists have life too easy. Some of this criticism is true and applies to your typical top-40 artists who are more […]

Artist Spotlight: Drew Photography

Capturing a wonderful moment and embedding it in time through the use of a photo is a long-lived and customary way of reliving memories. People remember moments all the time, but usually after finding a special photo that moment is enhanced. You remember a different part of the moment only shown in the photo. Perhaps […]