Artist Spotlight: Jeff Kaminskas

The art of creating music using original sounds, state of the art technology and a person’s own creative input is easier said then done. In this day and age some music fans assume that artists have life too easy. Some of this criticism is true and applies to your typical top-40 artists who are more […]

Artist Spotlight: Drew Photography

Capturing a wonderful moment and embedding it in time through the use of a photo is a long-lived and customary way of reliving memories. People remember moments all the time, but usually after finding a special photo that moment is enhanced. You remember a different part of the moment only shown in the photo. Perhaps […]

Artist Spotlight: Scartat

One of the toughest tasks to achieve as a musician is developing an original concept, a unique image or sound that no one else holds. Originality breeds success when it comes to music; mix the originality with talent and this is the formula for the lasting impression that every musician wants to deliver to their […]

Music Spotlight: Colleen Bedford

We all strive to be what we want to be in life. Do what we want to do for a living. Work a job where we are truly happy. We make several sacrifices to achieve this goal. At times we are left wondering if the decision we are making is the right one. Will I […]

Artist Spotlight: Brian Passmore

Smooth guitar rifts, combined with imaginative lyrics sung through a delightful voice of creative passion is what I heard when I first listened to “Baseball Tuesdays Bedroom Rock.” A digital album composed of a song a week, written from scratch, for 9 weeks by Toronto musician Brian Passmore. From “Riverside Station” to “Handsome Thief” it […]

Writer Spotlight: Melania Fedyna

Melania Fedyna is a 21-year old writer born and raised in Toronto, Canada. She is the owner and operator of “The Aristobrat”, a blog with the tagline “Culture + Music + Critique.” An avid fan of fashion and film, Fedyna has made several appearances as an extra in movie and television production, while fashion and […]