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Dolls and Betties Duke it out, CN Power Owns Home Turf

Toronto Roller Derby (ToRD) continued with its killer sports action last Saturday, as CN Power withstood their visitors from Roc City 171-108 and the Death Track Dolls narrowly defeated their opponents the Smoke City Betties 115-100. “It was super exciting and I’m not going to lie, winning both was pretty incredible,” said Panty Hoser, who […]

Dolls and Betties Set to Battle on the Flat Track

The defending champion Chicks Ahoy! kicked off the 2012 Toronto Roller Derby (ToRD) season defeating their rivals, the Gore-Gore Rollergirls, in front of a sold out audience on Feb. 4. The ToRD season continues this Saturday with the Death Track Dolls competing against the Smoke City Betties, a game that follows a sanctioned Women’s Flat […]

Toronto Dominates Hammer City at Bout Blanche

Last Saturday, Toronto Roller Derby (ToRD) returned to The Bunker in Downsview Park to host Bout Blanche, their last event of 2011 before preparations for the Blood and Thunder World Cup begin to take place. Bout Blanche took place prior to Toronto’s annual art-themed Nuit Blanche event, where locals wander the streets late at night […]

Gores and Betties to Close Out Their Regular Seasons

The four teams of the Toronto Roller Derby (ToRD) league participated in the annual Montreal roller derby tournament known as Beast of the East a couple of weeks ago; impressing the derby world with second, third and fourth place finishes from three of their teams the Gore Gore Rollergirls, Death Track Dolls and Chicks Ahoy! […]

Dolls Defeat Betties in Hard Fought Battle

With serious playoff implications on the line, thanks to the Toronto Roller Derby (ToRD) league announcing prior to the 2011 season that the last place team in the regular season would miss the playoffs, the Death Track Dolls took on the Smoke City Betties last Saturday at The Hangar at Downsview Park. Both teams lost […]

Match-Up Between Betties and Dolls an Important One

Last Saturday April 9th 2011, one of the most exhilarating roller derby bouts of Toronto Roller Derby (ToRD) history took place as the Gore Gore Rollergirls had their wills and consecutive winning streak of ten games put to the test by their rival Chicks Ahoy!. The Gores barely escaped with the win in an exhaustingly […]

Back to the Home Teams as Toronto Roller Derby Continues

After Toronto area roller derby fans witnessed the city’s travelling team CN Power dominate Michigan’s Killamazoo Derby Darlins in late February, the demand for more fast-paced roller derby action was needed to warm up the cold and dreary winter in the city. The date for that action is near as the Toronto Roller Derby (ToRD) […]